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The entire Showpad team on our account has been great to work with. From implementation in Sep 2019 to now, we get a lot of attention and help whenever we need it. Huge value in us attending the Showpad enablement conference as well.As an admin maintaining the platform, it’s easy to filter through docs and our pages in the backend. Implementing Showpad was easier than when I had implemented a competitor’s solution at a previous company.At first I had a few complaints with the search feature — but the team has fixed this for us in a recent release. Thank you!
My sales organization is thrilled about having all relevant content in one place to access, edit and share. It is not only easy to create and customize, it’s easy for them to use. After a single internal demonstration, the majority of our sales team was up and running to access the content. The micro-sites and analytics push this platform rating higher yet. We’ve always had access to lots of data, but Showpad provides ACTIONABLE data. Even with all of these great attributes, the single best aspect of Showpad is the staff. The Showpad team members we’ve worked with are responsive, professional, and go the extra mile to understand our needs.
Problems: off brand messages being sent by sales teams when individuals go rogue in creating their own campaigns, materials, or other tasks that should remain Marketing centralized. Reps have had difficulty locating and identifying current versions. Benefits: Easy access to approved marketing content, we have stronger version control, and improved ability to maintain brand consistency. We’ve increased our understanding of what resonates with both our sales organization and our customers, and can create content accordingly with data driven insights.
Easy content creation, sales enablement ability, instant content access to field teams, analysis of content usage, tracking of content and so much moreTake time to understand the return on your investment, the money, effort and frustration you will save by implementing this tool can be amazing.
Wasted time looking for content is now a thing of the past! Combine that with the ability to see what is being shared and what our customers are looking at gives an unprecedented ROI
The advanced experiences are super customizable. It is very easy to create an experience that works for your organization and your reps.
We had no content management platform before Showpad. Revs of decks were all over the place and there was no consistency or source of truth until Showpad Content.
There are three enormous benefits for Showpad customers:*Our sales teams have an easy way of finding the right content at the right time to move their deals forward. The tagging and searching functionalities have made it easy for our teams to always get the best content in our customers’ hands.
*Sales also benefits from understanding when and how their customers engage with the shared content. This ensures that they’re able to have a high-quality interactions at every touchpoint.
Showpad allows us through its platform to manage the different marketing campaigns we are doing, it also helps us find a better way to carry out all the sales processes we are doing, with this tool we can share all kinds of information with our clients, about the products we want have a greater scope, something I like is that I can launch a simple campaign of a product, and share it on all social networks with a single click, which helps to perform this type of tasks in less time, content positioning tools of this system, help to have a better idea, which makes us have much more successful campaigns.Ideal for any company that wants to reach new goals in the distribution of content and products via social marketing.
I can send our clients all kinds of information through different social media, which helps us to give them more information about our company and our products, we can create different reports, with our products and services, adding many details, which we can then send our customers and thus help grow the entire sales team, getting closer to buyers.
As an administrator, I enjoy how easy Showpad is to use. Creating folders is simple, and uploading content only takes the click of a button. It has helped our company sales representatives immensely, with light effort on the back end.
We are able to keep things easy and simple for our representatives when they are in front of our customers. Instead of them having to keep multiple content documents in their bag, or have to search for them on their device, everything they need is in one simple area that they can utilize however they need to.
Providing our sales reps an easy medium to deliver all of our marketing content and assets digitally.Talk with other clients currently using the product, there are many different ways to utilize showpad and the best way to explore them is through other clients experience.
Creating world class presentations quickly and easily customized for the client experience, Saving the reps time creating presentations and also allowing for faster pipeline velocity in early stages as content sharing is much easier among decision makers.
Many of our conversations with customers end up with requests for additional information. The sharing function of Showpad makes this process seamless and on top of this we get analytics on how they engage with the content. This alone is worth the app.It is a great tool for a sales team that shares content frequently and helps Marketing to stay up-to-date and deliver content to multiple users.
Sharing of clinical and product related information, often in a small group setting. It is easy to load up new content to Showpad, share information and get customers engaged with the content.
The ease of uploading and maintaining content, seeing what is being used, sending announcements to your sales people.We see even more opportunities to create our own Experience apps
Not all document types are supported (ex. .epub)
Showpad makes your live easier. It’s really easy to use. What I like is the possibility to share your own files with customers. In one single Click you see how it works and have the possibility to manage.I cannot think about something.
It’s an very nice system to work with.
Content available everywhere at all thimes and up to date.Admin has can control everything. –> reps have the CORRECT content.
upload possibilities can be improved. Somethimes I have to ajust afterwerds and that takes time.
Showpad is a very powerful tool when utilized properly. Its integration with mobile devices makes it integral for on demand marketing and sales efforts.
We use Showpad to produce marketing materials and sales proposals for customers.
I like how easy it is to use Showpad. It works 100% of the time and it’s a real sales enablement tool.
Up to date content for sales reps, no more printing and we can see how content is used.
Being able to carry a digital copy of all my products in the palm of my hand !
Unlimited literature and tracking of quotes
Being able to create my own library is an advantageHaving internal training videos available in showpad would be good
Helping customer more quickly with available document in showpad
Ease of use by sales person, content managersReporting of what content works or notAnnouncements to sales people
I love the fact that all of the Sales and Marketing materials can be found all in one place! It makes it easy for the Sales people to find content, create collections and send content to their customers. It also helps the Marketing teams ensure that all of the content Sales requires is under one “roof”.
The Sales people have said that they love that they are able to find everything they need easily and quickly. They are able to have all of the content they need at their fingertips allowing them to know and learn all of the products and share their knowledge with their team members and customers.
Front end users like the upto date assets, the assets living in one place from local office and headquarters. Front& back end users agree we both love the analytics.
We are making sure all of our sales teams are on message/brand. Using up-to-date content with a tool that has a professional look and all possible needed items at their fingertips.
I enjoy the fact that I can call or email our account rep and if there are issues, they get dealt with immediately and with a smile.
Increasing closing rates at the kitchen table for both our direct and indirect channel
Very good database to share information for SalesUpdate contentbetter interaction with the customer
It is very easy to use and understand. It supports almost all file formats and can be used on different platforms.
It simplifies the cooperation between marketing and sales. It makes it very easy to distribute documents worldwide.
Easy to consult documents by subjects. I get an email confirmation as soon as my customers gets it.
I know automatically when and who consulted the document I sent.
I love the ability to customize presentation to fit the needs of my customers
Using less paper, cleaner more professional presentation
New first screen with function “last document – more recent…”Reach every important function from first screen
is not possible to add directcly documents in de showcases… First clic op the menu , select docu and than add… interressant to place directly doc in showcase ( like via web interface)
The good thing about showpad as a sales tool is that all your material is in one place. That place is fully customizable to create an interactive environment where you can work together with your customer to find the best solution for his/her administrator/user it is great to know that all users work with the same level of documentation, priclists etc.
Furthermore, it is great to track the statistics on what documents have been used in a specific time frame.
Aside from the fact that the platform covers 80% of our needs for sellers, I love interacting with the support team. They’re exceptionally available and detail-oriented. I’m based in Montreal and I get responses to my questions from the US, France, Belgium, etc. So, there’s always someone able to get back to me. Time zones do not exist it seems like. Additionally, we got lucky to have Christelle Marle as our customer success manager.#NAME?#NAME?
The ability to integrate training, coaching, and content into one platform is very helpful. Sellers need fewer screens, not more.I would make sure you have at least a line of sight on an organizational structure for your content before buying any CMS.
We’re able to provide a centralized hub for sellers to go to for their content/training needs throughout their lifecycle at the company.
What I like most able Showpad is that it allows marketing to quickly get the latest and most up-to-date revisions to the sales team. This is a huge when in staying compliant and also arming our sales reps with best marketing assets.Great product with lots of features that will help the sales team. If you’re looking to give your team all the latest content digital then this product is a great choice.
With Showpad we are able to give our sales reps one single source that they can use daily to find all their marketing and selling needs. This has helped tremendously in reducing the amount of paper printouts they need to carry and give to the client.
That it’s integrated with coaching, a single repository. Our field uses the sharing feature the most, both individual shares and shared spaces. The more they share, the better their attainment.
Visibility into prospect qualification.
The platform is easy to work with. It provides you with a medium to profesionally share your sales presentations – internally and externally.
It makes it easier for sales to find all relevant presentations via channels or search. Everything is always up to date. The tracking analytics when a collection is shared with a client offers possiblities to improve follow up.
I love being able to embed Showpad content within emails and to track the recipients interaction with the information.
Prior to Showpad, we have information everywhere. It was hard to know what content was available and where to find it. Beyond that, we were doing a lot re-work with developing proposals, business cases, etc. That rework is much less now because we have a central source for content.
Showpad has been great for our Sales team to get access to information quickly when out in the field. It has also been very helpful when following up with prospects.
Would like to see more Salesforce integration.