Sales Prospecting Summit by Mailshake Presents

Prospecting for Enterprise Sales

With Amy Volas from Avenue Talent Partners

What you’ll learn in this session

Enterprise sales is a different ballgame from smaller, more transactional sales. There are more variables to consder and decision-makers to pull in, and a much longer sales cycle. Amy Volas has closed over $100 million in enterprise sales deals, and in her session, she shares her process for building relationships and playing the long game to close bigger deals.

Key Takeaways

  • How to develop the right mindset for large deal acquistion

  • How to learn about your target market and be a resource for your prospects

  • How to incorporate multiple decision-makers into the prospecting process

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About Amy Volas

Amy Volas is a sales fanatic turned entrepreneur, bitten by the startup bug many moons ago and couldn't imagine spending her time anywhere else. She created Avenue Talent Partners to help with the tremendous task of growing startups through one of their most valuable assets—salespeople. When she’s not working, she’s spending time with her cat, dog, and husband—in that order (jokes).

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