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Prospecting for People Who Hate Small Talk

With Christine Volden from Soulful Selling

What you’ll learn in this session

Let’s be honest; most people hate small talk. It’s boring, inauthentic, and doesn’t get anyone interested in you or your product. It can feel like small talk is essential to “building rapport” in sales, but the truth is, the introverts and the “anti-small talk” crowd actually have the biggest advantage as salespeople. In this session, Christine Volden shares how to shift your mindset when it comes to selling, harness your unique superpowers, and build the confidence you need to be a top performer.

Key Takeaways

  • The sales superpowers that consistently make introverts the most effective salespeople

  • How to shift your mindset towards sales conversations to reframe your approach and recognize your advantages

  • How to connect with leads in ways that allow you to be most comfortable and confident

  • Specific ways to build a system of reinforcement to build authentic confidence

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About Christine Volden

Christine Volden founded Soulful Selling to empower women to sell with confidence and authenticity. Christine has over 15 years of experience in sales leadership and strategy. She has customized training programs and led teams through enhancing sales operations at AOL, Yahoo!, and LiveRail. Her skills and expertise include sales training, digital media and advertising, consulting, building sales teams, and building digital platforms.

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