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Tips for Founders Handing off Sales to Their First Salesperson

With Damian Thompson from Salesability

What you’ll learn in this session

One of the most challenging parts of being a founder is delegating responsibilities. Many founders start their company doing sales themselves, but need to hire someone else to take over if they want to scale. Damian Thompson founded Salesability to help founders hire their first salespeople, build processes, and scale their businesses. In this session, he shares his top tips for handing off sales to your first salesperson.

Key Takeaways

  • Why you have to do sales first to build processes for salespeople

  • When in the lifecycle of your business to hand off sales

  • Why you should hire two sales reps to start off, not one

  • What the first 90 days looks like with your first sales hire, and why you should be testing for work ethic over anything else

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About Damian Thompson

Sales is the most important skill for an entrepreneur or business owner, but the one they are the most reluctant to learn. ANYBODY who has shown the courage to start a business has the “Ability to Sell” you simply need to learn the systems, methods, and philosophy of sales success.

Damian Thompson is the Founder of Salesability and the Cofounder of LeadFuze. He's led sales teams in a dozen countries, coaching business owners and sales professionals to over a half a billion dollars in new sales. He is a lead-gen geek and sales nerd that loves selling and helping others to see it for the art & science that it is.

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