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How to Improve Your Sales Through Listening

With Dana Dupuis from ECHO Listening Intelligence

What you’ll learn in this session

Research shows that listening is a brain-based function and no two brains are alike. Dana and her team at ECHO have identified that there are four ways that we listen:

  • Connective: Focuses on what the interaction means for others. Filters what is heard through interests in other people, groups, processes, audiences.

  • Reflective: Focuses on what the interaction means for them. Filters what is heard through one's own interests and purposes.

  • Analytical: Focuses on what the interaction means to an issue or objective situation. Filters what is heard through interest in results and facts.

  • Conceptual: Focuses on the big picture and ideas, often abstract. Filters what is heard through an interest in concepts and possibilities.

In this interview, Dana walks through each style of listening, and how understanding the type of listener your buyer is can be your secret weapon to closing more sales.

Key Takeaways

  • Characteristics and examples of the 4 types of listeners

  • How to quickly identify what type of listener your buyer is

  • How to adjust your tone and content to speak to your buyer in their language

  • What it means to read a prospect’s body language in the context of the type of listener they are

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About Dana Dupuis

Dana Dupuis is the founder of ECHO, (Effective Communication for Healthy Organizations), Listening Intelligence, a sales and leadership consulting firm with a unique approach to training and development through listening.

Under Dana’s leadership, the team at ECHO has created a scientifically validated Listening Assessment that identifies the distinct listening styles of individuals and diagnoses how their listening affects the transference of important information. This work has been instrumental in reshaping the communication and messaging with sales individuals, executive teams, new and emerging managers and full company cultures. The ECHO Listening Assessment has been successfully deployed inside of Northwestern Mutual, Adobe, Genworth and PricewaterhouseCoopers.

Through her training and speaking engagements, Dana’s goal is to change how the world thinks about listening. To learn about booking Dana for upcoming trainings, summits or conferences, email

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