Sales Prospecting Summit by Mailshake Presents

Lessons from the Trenches of Scaling Intercom’s Outbound Sales Team

With Dustin Crawford from Intercom

What you’ll learn in this session

Outbound sales is a challenging channel to get off the ground. In fact, it’s often hard to tell if it’s even working at all. That’s why it’s important to learn from people who have actually done it. In this session, Dustin Crawford of Intercom joins us to talk about his experience growing Intercom and BaseCRM’s outbound sales team, and what you can take away from it.

Key Takeaways

  • What to look for when you’re hiring for an outbound sales role

  • How to navigate the wild, wild west of the first 6 months of building an outbound sales strategy

  • Balancing personalization and automation to achieve effective personalization at scale

  • Overcoming objections through storytelling and intelligent questioning

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About Dustin Crawford

Dustin Crawford is a Sales Development Manager at Intercom, the world's leading customer messaging platform for business growth. Dustin is responsible for building and scaling the company's outbound sales engine, driving $4 million in pipeline in just five months.

Prior to joining Intercom, Dustin was a Sales Development Manager at Base CRM (acquired by Zendesk), where he grew outbound sales from $0 to $28 million in pipeline, and the National Sales Director at CareerBuilder, where he generated over $20 million in sales.

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