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How to Warm Up Your Cold Outreach

With Mike Carroll from Nutshell

What you’ll learn in this session

There’s no reason to be sending cold emails or calling strangers in the year 2019. In this session, Nutshell Head of Growth Mike Carroll will take you through 8 simple strategies for getting on your prospects’ radars before you make your initial sales contact. From targeted Facebook/LinkedIn content and IP-targeted display ads to old-school direct mail, these tactics will warm up your prospect list by building a foundation of awareness and trust, leading to much higher response rates.

Key Takeaways

  • Why it’s especially valuable to have sales and marketing aligned before a cold outreach campaign

  • The best tactics salespeople can use to initiate better conversations with prospects

  • How to choose which channels to use, and when

  • What it means to “layer” communication and take an omni-channel approach

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About Mike Carroll

Michael Carroll is the Head of Growth at Nutshell, a sneaky powerful CRM that has helped businesses close over $4 Billion in revenue. A retired ice factory worker, Michael hates writing bios, but loves words, his farm, his family, and evangelizing for cooperative sales and marketing teams. Tweet him at @MichaelAdain...if you dare.

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