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How to Fix Your Prospecting to Double Your Close Rate

With Mike Paladino from PandaDoc

What you’ll learn in this session

Prospecting is not an activity that’s siloed into “getting the meeting”. If your prospecting is getting you plenty of conversations, but you aren’t closing the deal, then you might need to look at your the way you’re prospecting to set yourself up for success at the end of the deal. In this session, Mike Paladino, director of sales at PandaDoc, shares 5 prospecting habits to change that can improve your close rate dramatically.

Key Takeaways

  • What is “selling past the sale” and why overselling is sabotaging your sales

  • The importance of harnessing the power of storytelling to get your prospect bought in from day one

  • How to build relationships with multiple decision-makers at once to establish more than one internal champion for your product

  • What it looks like to stay top of mind in an effective, unobtrusive way

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About Mike Paladino

Michael Paladino Jr. is the Head of Sales at PandaDoc. When he is not coaching eager new pandas or scaling sales processes, he is searching through crates of vinyl to find new additions to his collection. Feel free to connect with him on LinkedIn.

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