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How to Systematically Prioritize Leads to Improve Your Close Rate

With Rex Bibertson from The Sales Developers

What you’ll learn in this session

It sounds obvious, but it’s true; salespeople need to be focused on the right activities and the right prospects to be successful. What does that look like in practice? In this session, Rex Bibertson of The Sales Developers shares his system for prioritizing the best leads, what to do with each lead group, and how to split your time between filling your funnel with fresh prospects vs. focusing on the ones in your pipeline.

Key Takeaways

  • What it means to “bucket” leads into categories, and the specific activities you should do for each one

  • Why people who have said “no” can be your best group of prospects, and how to reapproach them with new offers and messaging

  • How to run “funnel math” and calculate exactly how many new prospects you should be filling your pipeline with every day, week, or month

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About Rex Bibertson

Rex Biberston is co-author of the best-seller Outbound Sales, No Fluff and co-founder of The Sales Developers. Having started his inside sales career at sales tech giant, Rex went on to build a career around the top of the sales funnel. When he's not helping growth-focused companies scale their sales, he's spending time with his wife and three kids.

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