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How to Identify Past Customer Champions at New Accounts and Generate Referral Opportunities

With Steve Woods from Nudge

What you’ll learn in this session

Salespeople know the power of leveraging an internal champion to close a deal. That’s why finding and maintaining relationships with those champions after they’ve moved on to a new role can be such a powerful way to generate new business. In this session, Steve Woods discusses how to identify happy customers who have moved to new companies, and specific ways to reconnect and activate them within their new role.

Key Takeaways

  • How to identify happy former customers who have moved on to new roles

  • How to coordinate across departments to leverage the person who holds the relationship with that past customer champion

  • The process of activating your champion in the context of their new company and role

  • How long to wait before reaching out your former champion after they’ve started in their new role

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About Steve Woods

Steve is the CTO and Co-founder of, the leading relationship intelligence platform to access new accounts, analyze deal risk, and measure account health.

Steve founded and guided the building of Eloqua. He brought it to a market-leading position in marketing automation and demand generation, led it from $0 to over $100 million in revenue, then through IPO and acquisition by Oracle for $957 million.

Steve is also the author of the book “Digital Body Language,” which examines ways to decipher customer intentions online. He’s a frequent speaker at various forums involving B2B marketers and sales professionals.

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