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Mailshake Team

Luiz Centenaro
Head of Sales
Luiz is the Sales Manager at Mailshake. Luiz has reviewed thousands of cold email campaigns and loves helping Mailshakers succeed with sales.
Miami, FL
Josh Sherman
Staff Software Engineer
Josh is a senior engineer with a passion for startups. When he's not coding, Josh enjoys making and singing the praises about sauerkraut.
Austin, TX
Matthew Camp
Senior Engineer
Matt is a senior engineer with experience across multiple industries. Avid reader, peak bagger, strongman, and coffee guru.
Twin Falls, ID
Trevor Hanson
Customer Success
Trevor enjoys helping people love the products they use. He loves travel, photography and Max, his dog. He's also been known to enjoy the Disney parks around the globe.
New York, NY
Dave Donaldson
Dave has nearly 25 years of experience across several different industries using a wide range of technologies. He's passionate about building and leading high-performing engineering teams.
Columbus, OH
Sam Molony
Marketing Specialist
Sam is part of the marketing team at Mailshake. When Sam's not promoting new content you can find him hiking, kayaking or riding a mechanical bull.
Austin, TX
Maggie Blume
Maggie has several years of experience helping startups and small businesses with recruiting and sales. She loves traveling and learning about different cultures and film. One of her favorite desserts is a milkshake!
Pittsburgh, PA
David Lewis
Product Manager
David has a long background in creative development, project management, and sales with a passion for innovative and creative solutions. When not roadmapping products, he's busy running, hiking, or biking with his family.
Powell, OH
Geoff Oliver
Senior Engineer
Since the late 1900s, Geoffrey has been wrangling code. Sometimes he'll go to a standup show, but he can usually be found in front of his computer, banging away on a mechanical keyboard, trying to make the computer do fun things.
Colorado Springs, CO
Kaysie Wagoner
An avid learner eager to gain knowledge and share it with others, from improving the way we work to self improvement. When she's not working, you can find her anywhere there's water and sunshine with good company.
Delray Beach, FL
Alessandra Colaci
VP of Marketing
Alessandra has over 15 years of experience across multiple digital marketing channels. She has worked on growth initiatives for companies ranging from startups to Fortune 500 brands. Her specialty is using analytics and optimization to scale results.
Austin, TX
Kyle Marlin
Software Engineer
Kyle is a senior software engineer and has enjoyed working in a broad spectrum of fields at companies big and small. Away from the keyboard, he's a cat dad of four and enjoys video games, being near the ocean, and taking photography and videography.
Canfield, OH
Stephanie McSwain
QA Automation Engineer
Stephanie is a QA engineer with a background in QA and development. She's passionate about getting QA and developers working together to create a quality product. She's also a mom of three crazy little kids.
Raleigh, NC
Paul Loray
Support Engineer
Paul is a tier-two technical troubleshooter on the team who enjoys alliteration. During downtime he can be found slaying dragons with friends, or piloting a spaceship in VR.
Austin, TX
Dean Jones
Lead Frontend Engineer
Dean has been coding everything from embedded systems to front-end development for nearly 20 years. When he's not watching Hackers or Futurama for the umpteenth time, he enjoys hitting the trails with his mountain bike and pretending he doesn't crash as often as he really does.
Marietta, GA
Corey Martin
Frontend Engineer
Corey has been shipping code to various parts of the web for more than 10 years. In his natural habitat, he can frequently be found playing video games with his family or watching bad horror movies.
Kennesaw, GA
Britt Walcott
QA Tester
Britt is a QA tester that loves the challenge of discovering bugs in software. In her free time she enjoys working on her saltwater aquarium, hiking, and watching movies with her family.
Corvalis, OR
Chief Cat
Adora caught a mouse her very first week home. With that kill, she of course quickly earned respect. She also provides protection from birds, moths, and rogue shoelaces.
Indianapolis, IN
Sujan Patel
Sujan is a veteran SaaS marketing leader with 16+ years’ experience. He has helped hundreds of companies growth - from emerging startups to Fortune 500 leaders.
Austin, TX
Colin Mathews
Colin leads product design at Mailshake with over 19 years of experience in software. For more than a decade, Colin has been feverishly and passionately building startup products.
Indianapolis, IN
Robert Senoff
Bob is an experienced venture capital investor and start up operator bringing over 20 years of experience, including the participation in 8 public companies and major acquisitions.
Austin, TX