Be a Quota-Crusher (Without the Cringe)

We’ve all heard it. Your sales manager wants you to “crush quota”. Mailshake makes it easy to optimize your outreach and build your pipeline. Next level unlocked.

  • Setup new campaigns in minutes, including personalization and multi-touch channels.
  • See what’s driving your pipeline growth with analytics and dashboards.
  • Improve performance with battle-tested templates that increase your open and reply rates.

Tools that get your outreach into the inbox (not stuck in spam)

You will have to work harder if emails are ending up in spam. Mailshake is the only outreach tool that was purpose-built for deliverability. This will increase your reply rates and pipeline.

  • List cleaning tool built in to ensure fewer bounced email addresses (which hurt your email score).
  • Email domain setup assistant to quickly spin up new email domains with a good sending reputation.
  • Email warm up included with real people opening emails, marking as important, and replying – ramp up your sending while keeping a strong email score.
Feature image
Feature image

Impress your AE with record-breaking meetings booked

The best path to a promotion is to impress your AE with your outreach skills. Mailshake helps you do exactly that with all the tools you need to improve your dials, opens, replies, and meetings booked.

  • Blast through calls to prospects with the Power Dialer.
  • Be everywhere your prospect is with multi-channel outreach (phone, email, and social).
  • Automate LinkedIn outreach to level-up your social selling.

Automatically generate new email copy in 60 seconds, with AI

We’ve all been there before: staring at a blank screen after our sales manager asks for new email copy. Mailshake has your back with an AI email writer at your fingertips.

  • Step 1: Add info about what you’re selling.
  • Step 2: Shakespeare, our AI email writer generates 3 email versions in 60 seconds.
  • Step 3: Use your shiny new email copy in existing or new campaigns.
  • PS: Or if you want to use existing email templates, Mailshake has a template library with high-performing sequences.
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