Native and 3rd Party Integrations


Mailshake natively integrates with Pipedrive. Spend less time updating your CRM and more time selling with 2-way syncing.


Mailshake's integration with Calendly helps you automate your follow-ups, track conversions, and connect booked leads with your CRM.

Call Loop

Mailshake's integration with Call Loop allows you to engage leads through SMS messages, voice broadcasts, and ringless voicemails in addition to email.


Mailshake's integration with ScheduleOnce allows you to track meetings booked by leads and pause emails to recipients when they book a time on your calendar.


Mailshake's integration with LinkedIn allows you to automatically add recipients to your Mailshake campaigns when they show interest by completing a LinkedIn Lead Gen form.

Voila Norbert

Mailshake's integration with Voila Norbert allows you to instantly add email addresses you find through Voila Norbert contact searches to your Mailshake campaigns.


Mailshake's integration with Twilio allows you to automate actions like sending an SMS based on triggers such as a new email open, and sync your lead data.


Mailshake's integration with Nimble allows you to add new Mailshake leads to Nimble, and add new contacts from Nimble to Mailshake


Mailshake's integration with Acuity enables you to easily book meetings with leads, pause your campaigns when you’ve already made a connection, and track conversions.

Hubspot Scheduling

Mailshake's integration with Hubspot Scheduling allows you to automatically add recipients to a Mailshake campaign from Hubspot to follow up with qualified leads


Mailshake's integration with Salesmate allows you to automatically creating new deals in Salesmate when new leads are added to Mailshake.


Mailshake's integration with Zoho allows you to add new leads from Mailshake to Zoho, and sync Mailshake campaign data with Zoho leads.


Mailshake's integration with Drift allows you to automatically add recipients by email address to a Mailshake campaign from Drift to follow up with qualified leads.

Hubspot Chat

Mailshake's integration with Hubspot chat allows you to use the data collected via Hubspot's chat tool and stored in the CRM to target your email campaigns.


Mailshake's integration with LiveAgent allows you to keep track of new prospects that you engage with over chat and transfer their information to email campaigns to continue engaging with them.


Mailshake's integration with Dialpad allows you to update information in Mailshake based on calls you make or receive in Dialpad.

Crisp Chat

Mailshake's integration with Crisp Chat allows you to leverage the data you capture from Crisp Chat in your Mailshake campaigns.


Mailshake's integration with Freshsales allows you to adding new leads to Freshsales when you create a new lead in Mailshake.


Mailshake's integration with WhatConverts allows you to create new leads in Mailshake when actions are taken in WhatConverts, and vice versa.

Google Form

Mailshake's integration with Google Form allows you to add leads who submit a Google form response to a Mailshake campaign.

Google Sheets

Mailshake's integration with Google Sheets allows you to update spreadsheets with Mailshake data and automatically push data from Google Sheets into Mailshake.


Mailshake's integration with Copper allows you to sync campaign changes and lead status between both platforms to easily keep track of your data.


Mailshake natively integrates with Slack. Keep your whole team in the loop by sending replies from Mailshake campaigns into Slack.


Mailshake natively integrates with any email via SMTP. Send email directly through your email account via Mailshake.


Mailshake natively integrates with Vidyard. humanize your cold emails and generate more leads by embedding Vidyard videos into Mailshake emails.


Mailshake's integration with Agileallows you to deals when you add a new lead to Mailshake or updating Mailshake leads’ statuses when you change deal milestones in Agile.


Mailshake's integration with Salesflare allows you to add new opportunities in Salesflare when you get new leads in Mailshake.

Google Calendar

Mailshake's integration with Google Calendar allows you ro pause follow-ups to leads that have already booked an appointment.


Mailshake natively integrates with Microsoft Email. Send email directly through your Microsoft account via Mailshake.


Mailshake natively integrates with Hubspot. Spend less time updating your CRM and more time selling with 2-way syncing.


Mailshake natively integrates with Salesforce, so you can spend less time updating your CRM and more time selling.