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Phone Sales Tips: Do These 5 Things to Ensure Cold Calling Success

When it comes to phone sales tips, we could spend weeks, months, and… heck… maybe even years talking about what works. If you’ve been in sales for a year or more, you probably have your own tips and tricks. I am fortunate to have gathered quite a few foundational tactics that work day-in and day-out. …

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The Cold Email Masterclass

8 Practical lessons to make you an expert cold emailer.

8 emails with advanced tips, templates, and tools to help you:

  • Build more targeted lists
  • Find the best emails more quickly
  • Write copy that drives opens and replies
  • Analyze, optimize, and scale your outreach

How to Create and Use Cold Calling Scripts

Next Thursday, April 2nd, Wendy is hosting an online training session on how to use cold calling to book more qualified sales appointments. In the session, Wendy will discuss common mistakes to avoid when setting appointments, qualifying leads, overcoming objections, and will share her #1 secret to getting your prospect’s attention and engagement. Super actionable tips you …

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