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How to Identify, Track and Report on Sales Metrics

A solid sales reporting strategy is essential to any organization. Those who don’t set goals and regularly report on progress and results will – without a doubt – be missing opportunities to boost leads, conversions and revenue. To put this into context, imagine that you’re planning to run a marathon. You probably wouldn’t enter a …

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The Cold Email Masterclass

8 Practical lessons to make you an expert cold emailer.

8 emails with advanced tips, templates, and tools to help you:

  • Build more targeted lists
  • Find the best emails more quickly
  • Write copy that drives opens and replies
  • Analyze, optimize, and scale your outreach

Best Call Center Software

While alternative ways of communicating with businesses are growing in popularity, phone calls remain the main way that customers get in touch. Managing these calls requires a team of skilled agents, and software that enables them to excel. Image source What is Call Center Software? Call center software is more than something that connects agents …

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6 Ways to Improve Outreach Impact During COVID-19

Many recent observations suggest that, in our current turbulent climate, successful sales outreach has to strike an appropriate balance between tone, timing, and overall value. While it’s still important to examine traditional qualifiers such as buyer profile and stage, it’s clear that these unusual times require a heightened sensitivity when reaching out to potential buyers. …

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