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SHAKEspeare AI Email Writer Free with Every Mailshake Account

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Make a Great First Impression with Mailshake

Connect with your prospects at scale while maintaining a personalized, one-to-one feel. A G2 Leader in the Sales Engagement space, Mailshake lets you connect with prospects across email, social media, and phone. Monthly plans start at just $59 for email outreach.

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Text Variations = Better Deliverability

SHAKEspeare AI’s new Spintax feature randomizes any part of your email to improve deliverability in only two clicks. Simply select the text you want to spin and let our time-saving AI write variations for you.

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Scalable A/B Testing to Supercharge Conversions

Mailshake empowers you to A/B test different variations of email sequences faster. Just write the emails for “Segment A.” Then, let SHAKEspeare AI create additional variations for all the emails in the sequence. A/B test your best performing email campaigns to get more opens.

Goodbye, writer’s block

SHAKEspeare is powered by intel from thousands of cold email campaigns so its copy is proven to perform.

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Auto-generate email copy in under a minute

AI writes 3 email variations for you. Just select the one you like best and add it to your Mailshake campaign.

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The AI email writer is included when you automate your cold outreach with Mailshake.

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