Lead a Team of Pipeline Generators

You have a lot on your plate and no time to train up reps to use complex outreach tools. With Mailshake, you can have reps sending sequences the same day you sign up. Not weeks or months later like many of the options out there.

  • Quickly train for outreach as your team grows.
  • Rest easy with tools purpose-built for deliverability.
  • See team and individual rep metrics at a glance.

Email that gets to the inbox = less wasted effort per rep

It’s like shouting into the void if your outbound emails are ending up in spam. Mailshake is the only outreach tool that was purpose-built for deliverability. This will make your outreach efforts go farther to increase pipeline.

  • List cleaning tool built in to ensure fewer bounced email addresses (which hurt your email score).
  • Email domain setup assistant to quickly spin up new email domains with a good sending reputation.
  • Email warm up included with real people opening emails, marking as important, and replying – ramp up your sending while keeping a strong email score.
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Feature image

Training for your team to get better results

With everything from our Cold Email Masterclass to weekly training calls, you can rest assured knowing your team will have the resources to optimize on their own.

  • Personalized onboarding training: When you join, get access to a 1-on-1 session with our outreach experts.
  • Weekly training calls: Each week, our Customer Success team holds live sessions covering deliverability, copyrighting, and list building.
  • Cold Email Masterclass: In-depth training on everything from how to identify the right audience to writing a high-performing email.

Dashboards for you to coach your reps

See team performance, engagement, and productivity at a glance. Quickly identify which channels and campaigns are driving leads. See top performing reps and which reps need more coaching.

  • See which type of outreach is most effective with the Lead Drivers dashboard.
  • Quickly surface lead engagement with Lead Catcher.
  • Track rep productivity by day, week, or month for a full picture of team performance.
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We're here to help

Dedicated onboarding and campaign review sessions, open office hours, and personalized copy and campaign feedback on weekly live trainings.

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