A simple solution for cold emails.

Generate leads, build relationships, and promote content.
All you need is a Google account.

sales outreach

Whatever you're working on, we've got you covered. Select from our collection of pre-written messages (or save your own). We'll ask you a few simple questions and generate a personalized email for your campaign.


Easy to use, easy to manage.

Automatic follow-ups

Schedule follow-ups or emails triggered by link clicks. Mailshake stops the sequence when a reply is detected, handles unsubscribe requests, and ignores auto-responders.

Built for teams

Belong to as many teams as you like, and invite others to collaborate on your campaigns. Send from any Google account (or any of your configured aliases in Gmail).

Sending controls

Your sending calendar optimizes how your emails are sent. Block out weekends, set hours of the day, and set spacing rules.


Use merge fields to quickly customize your messages. Preview every single email and make edits efficiently.

Monitor clicks,
replies, and more.

View charts and stats on how your messages are doing. Scroll through recent activity or view any recipient to get a complete history including sent emails and replies you've received.

Lead Catcher

Respond to leads right inside Mailshake. Configure what counts as a lead (a reply, two opens, etc.) and handle them in a single queue.

Powerful integrations.

Through the power of Zapier, you can hook up just about anything to Mailshake. Create a Google Form that sends Mailshake campaigns, send Mailshake leads into Salesforce, and much more.

And a killer API.

All teams can use our awesome API to add recipients to campaigns, create leads, and even react in real-time to opens, clicks, replies, etc.

Plans & Pricing

Choose either our Basic or Pro plan to suite your team‘s needs. Plans start at $19 / month and come with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

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