Mailshake Powers Your Mail Merge

Easily add your list of prospects

Save time by uploading your list of contacts to Mailshake in seconds

Creating a mail merge allows you to easily send one customized email to an entire group of contacts at the same time.

In Mailshake, you can manually add recipients to a campaign one-by-one, or all at once by uploading a CSV file that contains all recipients and associated column data.

The benefit of mail merges is that they show up in inboxes as 1-1 emails, as opposed to other types of automated email marketing campaigns.

Feature image
Feature image

Personalize every email to your prospects

Boost reply rates with emails automatically personalized for each recipient

Mail merge allows you to streamline your cold outreach efforts while keeping the authenticity and personalization of your email correspondence intact.

In Mailshake, you can insert field replacement tags in order to pull in relevant data (first name, company name, etc) for each recipient that you intend to email. You also have to ability to manually add more personalization to each recipient’s email before you push your campaign live.

Automate your entire outreach workflow

Increase success by scheduling delivery and automating follow-ups

With Mailshake, you can increase open rates, reply rates, and overall success by scheduling your emails to deliver on a day or time of day that you think will work best for your recipients.

You can also drive more engagement with the people you send cold emails to by adding follow-up emails to your campaign. These follow-ups are triggered and automatically sent to recipients based on specific criteria that you can customize when building your campaign.

Feature image
Feature image

Powerful integrations for your mail merge

Use your existing tools to manage leads

A native integration with Salesforce and Hubspot allows you to stay on top of all of your contacts automatically...

...and through the power of Zapier, you can hook up just about anything to Mailshake. Create a Google Form that sends Mailshake campaigns, send Mailshake leads into any tool, and much more.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a mail merge?

A mail merge is a process of sending out mass emails that are personalized for each recipient. This can be done with a spreadsheet of data, or by pulling in information from a database. Mailshake makes it easy to personalize your messages with dynamic content, so you can create custom emails for each contact.

What does the mail merge feature do?

Mailshake's mail merge feature enables you to send personalized emails to a large number of recipients simultaneously. With mail merge, you can create a custom email for each recipient, ensuring that each message is tailored to that individual's needs.

What would I use mail merge for?

Mail merge is a great way to personalize your email outreach. With mail merge, you can also create custom email content for each individual recipient, making your sales & email marketing campaigns more personalized and effective.

Which mail merge software is the best?

Mailshake is the best mail merge software because it's easy to use and helps you create powerful, personalized email campaigns. With Mailshake, you can easily create custom email content, personalize your messages, and track your results.

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