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The Follow-Up Formula


$100 value

The secret to effective cold email outreach could be summed up in one word: follow-ups.

Most of the replies you’ll get from a campaign will come on a follow-up, not the first email. So it’s absolutely crucial to get your follow-ups right.

The follow-up formula dives into the 5 steps you need to follow to send effective follow-up emails:

  • Follow standard copywriting best practices
  • Always bring something new to the table
  • Time out your follow-up sequence effectively
  • Follow up on multiple channels
  • Automate, automate, automate

This guide will give you everything you need to know to send follow-up emails that get replies.

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The Cold Email Masterclass

📔Online Course

$150 value

Mailshake’s Masterclass will teach you how to become an expert in email. Develop relationships at scale and ensure your message doesn’t get left by the wayside. Sujan Patel dives into how he scaled multiple 8-figure agencies with email. The course includes video content, advice, frameworks, and tactical information.

  • Write better emails
  • Enhance your subject line
  • Personalize at scale
  • Quality check your emails
  • Follow up to increase conversions

Better yet, you can start deploying these on DAY 1 of using Mailshake. You’ll also receive templates—that have been tested through 10,000+ emails—that you can use for your own outreach.

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The 5-Day LinkedIn Challenge

📹Videos + Workbook

$300 value

With the right formulas, frameworks, and tools, anybody can grow a following on LinkedIn.

Even if you’re not a rock star content creator, it is possible to become front of mind to your target audience.

These LinkedIn Challenge recordings will show you how.

You will fast-track your LinkedIn brand building, including:

  • Building Your Personal Brand
  • Conversations That Convert
  • Growing Your Visibility
  • Learn insider secrets to fast-track your LinkedIn growth
  • 2 hours of actionable video training
  • 5 days of challenge prompts to get you started
  • Full workbook to help get you started

Even if you haven’t posted on LinkedIn before, these videos will help you kick off your visibility to get in front of your prospects.

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62 Email Templates


$100 value

Hit the ground running with these templates that you can start A/B testing with your audience. There’s no silver bullet, but these have the fundamentals of a good email already baked in. Refine as needed for your products/services.

  • Cold email templates to generate more leads
  • Effective sales templates + best practices
  • Follow-up templates
  • Outreach templates for every situation

These templates are from the experts that work in this space. Agency owners, top marketers, and growth hackers galore.

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Mailshake Email Outreach

💌Automated Outreach Software

$59 value

Turn cold prospects into warm leads with automated cold outreach for anyone. Mailshake helps you connect with more prospects, book more meetings, and generate more sales—all with simple, but powerful software.

  • Connect your own mail account (Google/Gmail, Microsoft, or SMTP)
  • Pre-made templates to get your campaigns off the ground
  • Integrate with your CRM and other apps with native and 3rd party integrations
  • Automatically send hundreds of personalized cold emails and follow-ups every day
  • Track opens, clicks, and replies and reply to leads right within the app
  • Cancel anytime, billed monthly

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