Agile Integration with Mailshake

Improve your sales pipeline efficiency with Mailshake’s Agile integration 3rd party integration via Zapier

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How Mailshake Integrates with Agile

Create a deal in Agile CRM when a new Mailshake lead is added

How Mailshake + Agile improves sales pipeline efficiency

Mailshake’s Agile integration helps you streamline your sales pipeline and takes over the time-consuming task of manually adding new contacts and deals in your CRM.

When you add a new lead in Mailshake, Agile will automatically create a new deal. When your deal reaches different milestones, you can update your Mailshake lead’s status so that you ensure they’re receiving the most relevant emails from you.

Additionally, you can pause or unpause recipients depending on the status of your deal in Agile. This way, you can give your leads a bit of an extra push when necessary, or lay off when things are moving smoothly.

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More ways to integrate Agile with Mailshake

Update lead status in Mailshake when a deal milestone is changed in Agile

Pause/unpause recipients in Mailshake when a deal milestone is changed in Agile

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