Facebook Integration with Mailshake

Nurture warm leads with Mailshake's Facebook 3rd party integration via Zapier

Facebook and Mailshake Screenshot

How Mailshake Integrates with Facebook

Create a lead in Mailshake when you have a new Facebook Lead Ads lead

Add email to Facebook Custom Audiences after new Mailshake message is sent

Key benefits

By integrating Facebook and Mailshake, you can enhance your retargeting efforts by instantly syncing new leads from Facebook Lead Ads to Mailshake or adding Mailshake leads to Facebook Custom Audiences, saving you time and ensuring that no leads fall through the cracks.

How Mailshake + Facebook helps you build mailing lists

Leads typically need several touchpoints with a brand before making a purchase, which is where retargeting comes in. Facebook can be a powerful tool to help you reach leads, and integrating with Mailshake makes it even more efficient.

When you integrate Mailshake and Facebook, you can automatically send any leads you get through Facebook Lead Ads directly over to Mailshake and add them to a specified campaign.

Plus, you can add emails to a new Facebook custom audience after sending a message from Mailshake so you can retarget them later.

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More ways to integrate Facebook with Mailshake

Add a recipient by email address in Mailshake when you get a new lead on Facebook

Create a Facebook Custom Audience when you add a new lead in Mailshake

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