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Hubspot Chat Integration with Mailshake

Connect with leads on multiple channels with Mailshake's
3rd party integration via Zapier

How Mailshake integrates with Hubspot Chat

Create a new lead in Mailshake when you add a new ticket in Hubspot.

More ways to integrate Hubspot Chat with Mailshake

Add a recipient to a Mailshake campaign when you create a new engagement in Hubspot.

Update lead status in Mailshake when a contact is updated in Hubspot.

How Mailshake + Hubspot Chat helps you engage with leads

Hubspot Chat is included in Hubspot's powerful CRM to enable you to further engage with prospects. All chat data and history is automatically stored within the CRM so that you can keep track of leads as well as your conversations with them.

When you have an interaction over live chat, Hubspot can automatically create a ticket for that prospect so that you can continue to follow-up with them. By integrating Hubspot with Mailshake, you add those leads to your email campaigns and ensure all your data is synced between both platforms at all times.

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