Integrately Integration with Mailshake

Connect to thousands of apps via our 3rd party integration with Integrately

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How Mailshake Integrates with Integrately

Integrately connects to thousands of software apps. Connect Mailshake to Integrately, and you can sync your Mailshake account to almost any app in your tech stack.

How Mailshake + Integrately helps you automate your lead gen

Most companies today manage their business with dozens of different software apps. And there’s nothing more frustrating than spending hours every week moving information from one to another.

Mailshake’s 3rd party integration with Integrately helps you automate your sales process by connecting your Mailshake campaigns with over 200 of the most popular apps, with over 4,500 different integration variations.

Regardless of what your tech stack looks like, Integrately can help you get data from your Mailshake campaigns where it needs to go. No more manually updating spreadsheets.

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Integrations You Can Create with Integrately

Create a deal in your CRM when a prospect becomes a lead in Mailshake

Create a contact in Stripe when you mark a lead as “won” in Mailshake

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