LinkedIn Integration with Mailshake

Sync your LinkedIn leads with Mailshake 3rd party integration via Zapier

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How Mailshake Integrates with LinkedIn

Add a recipient by email address in Mailshake when you get a new Lead Gen Form response on LinkedIn

Key benefits

Integrating LinkedIn with Mailshake allows you to automatically add recipients to your Mailshake campaigns when they show interest by completing a LinkedIn Lead Gen form, saving you time and helping to keep your data organized.

How Mailshake + LinkedIn helps you build mailing lists

Keeping track of your leads is key to making sure you include them in the right campaigns and to eventually closing sales.

Mailshake’s LinkedIn integration helps you do so by automatically adding email addresses to your Mailshake campaigns or creating new Mailshake leads when you receive responses to Lead Gen Forms on LinkedIn.

Automating your data synchronization ensures you won’t mistakenly forget to add a LinkedIn lead to your Mailshake campaign, and it saves you from having to manually add recipients to your campaigns.

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More ways to integrate LinkedIn with Mailshake

Create a lead in Mailshake when you receive an email address through a LinkedIn form

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