Microsoft Native Integration with Mailshake

Avoid spam filters by sending personalized emails as yourself

How Mailshake
integrates with Microsoft

“Mailshake is easy to use and set up. A reliable program that gives you flexibility when creating an outreach campaign.”

  • Send personalized emails directly through your Microsoft email account
  • Track replies, clicks, and opens in Mailshake
  • Receive and reply to leads directly from Mailshake or your Microsoft account
  • Keep track of all communications with your prospects in one place

Mailshake’s native 2-way integration with Microsoft helps you:

Icon Avoid spam filters and reach your customers’ inbox with personalized emails
Icon Use your email address to maintain or build a reputation


  • Do you limit the number of emails that can be sent through a Microsoft account?

    Mailshake does not set a limit on the number of emails you can send, but Microsoft sets a limit of 1,000 emails per day. Click here to learn more about sending limits by Microsoft.

  • What kind of access does Mailshake have to my Microsoft email account?

    Mailshake requires standard access to your Microsoft email account. This includes the ability to view your email messages and settings, and send email on your behalf. We only access your mail account to send and receive emails that are sent via Mailshake. We don’t access any other emails or settings in your mail account.