Pipedrive Native Integration

Increase speed to revenue and save time with 2-way syncing

How Pipedrive integrates with Mailshake

“Mailshake is easy to use and set up. A reliable program that gives you flexibility when creating an outreach campaign.”

  • Create new deals in Pipedrive for recipients in Mailshake campaigns
  • Track when emails are sent, opened, clicked, and replied to in Pipedrive
  • Customize how deals move through your pipeline
  • Automatically add prospects from Pipedrive to existing Mailshake campaigns

Mailshake’s native 2-way integration with Pipedrive helps you:

Icon Spend less time updating your CRM
Icon More time selling


  • How do most Mailshake/Pipedrive customers set up the integration?

    Most Mailshake users will set up the integration so that when they mark a lead as “won” in Mailshake, they are added to a specific stage in Pipedrive.

  • How can I use the Mailshake/Pipedrive integration to automate my sales process?

    With the Mailshake/Pipedrive 2-way sync you can:

    1. Automatically create and update deals in Pipedrive based on the actions a lead takes in Mailshake.
    2. Automatically add contacts to Mailshake from Pipedrive when you add or change the deal status of a lead.
  • What type of events from Mailshake can be tracked in Pipedrive?

    You can push into Pipedrive any campaign information that’s tracked in Mailshake.

    Events that can be tracked
  • Can I automatically trigger a Mailshake campaign to start when I move a deal in Pipedrive?

    Yes, you can add a recipient into a Mailshake campaign automatically when you change their deal status in Pipedrive.

    Import screenshot
  • What information can I import from Pipedrive into Mailshake?

    You can import any field from a Pipedrive deal into a Mailshake campaign, including name, email, company name, and any other fields you want to push to Mailshake.

    Import fields from Pipedrive
  • Can I customize where leads are dropped into Pipdrive from Mailshake?

    Yes. When the lead status of a contact in Mailshake is changed, you can trigger the contact to be added to a specific stage in Pipedrive.

    Customize where leads are sent