Slack Native Integration with Mailshake

Keep your whole team in the loop by sending replies from Mailshake campaigns into Slack

Twilio and Slack Screenshot

How Slack integrates with Mailshake

Send replies from Mailshake into a Slack channel

Update the lead status, pause, or unsubscribe a Mailshake contact from Slack

How Mailshake + Slack gives you more control over your sales process

Sales and marketing teams live in Slack. Mailshake makes it so you don’t have to leave the app you spend the most time in to keep control over your outreach campaign.

WIth Mailshake’s native integration with Slack, you can track active campaigns by sending all replies and new leads from Mailshake into a Slack channel. Share the channel with your team so they can follow the success of your campaigns.

Additionally, you can update the status of a prospect from Slack, without having to enter into the Mailshake app at all. Change their lead status, unsubscribe them from your account, or pause a recipient based on their response.

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More ways to integrate Mailshake and Slack

Post to Slack when you receive a new lead in Mailshake

Drop a prospect into another Mailshake campaign by changing their lead status in Slack (integration via Zapier)

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