SMTP Native Integration with Mailshake

Don’t use Gmail or Microsoft? Mailshake can connect to virtually any mail provider
so you can avoid spam filters by sending as yourself

How to Set up
the integration

“Mailshake is easy to use and set up. A reliable program that gives you flexibility when creating an outreach campaign.”

  • Connect virtually any mail account to Mailshake
  • Send personalized emails from Mailshake via your mail account
  • Track replies, clicks, and opens in Mailshake
  • Receive and reply to leads from your email account or Mailshake
  • Keep track of all communications with your prospects in one place

Mailshake’s native 2-way integration with any mail account helps you:

Icon Avoid spam filters and reach your customers’ inbox with personalized emails
Icon Use your email address to maintain or build a reputation


  • Do you limit the number of emails that can be sent through my email account?

    In order to protect your reputation and avoid getting your domain blacklisted for sending spam, Mailshake limits sending via SMTP to 1,000 emails/day.

  • How do I connect my email account to Mailshake via SMTP?

    Click here for a step-by-step walkthrough of how to connect your email account to Mailshake via SMTP.