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Twilio Integration with Mailshake

Improve communication with prospects by connecting your Mailshake campaigns to Twilio
3rd party integration via Zapier

How Mailshake integrates with Twilio

Send a Twilio SMS when there’s a new reply in Mailshake.

Create a new lead in Mailshake when a new phone number is added in Twilio.

More ways to integrate Twilio with Mailshake

Send an SMS from Twilio when you send a message from Mailshake.

Pause or unpause recipients when you receive a new SMS in Twilio.

How Mailshake + Twilio helps you act quicker

Some of the best ways to improve your sales are to improve your response time and reach prospects through different channels.

By integrating Mailshake and Twilio, you can automatically send text messages when you create a new lead or receive a new email so that you can continue to nurture prospects. Plus, you can sync phone numbers from Twilio with your Mailshake account so that your leads stay up to date on both platforms.

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