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Lead Catcher

Easily communicate with leads in one place.

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Lead Catcher
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Easily work your leads with our lightning fast queue.

A lead is anyone who replies to you, but you can tweak this or manually turn someone into a lead.

When you mark leads as "won," "lost," "ignored," or when you assign them to your teammates Mailshake automatically takes you to the next one. This makes it super easy (and satisfying) to catch up on everything.

If recipients reply back, they're re-opened so they show up in the queue again.

With all of your leads in one place, replying couldn't be simpler.

Your entire correspondence and their history of clicks, opens, etc. are always in view because context is key to a meaningful reply.

  • Reply or start a new conversation with a new subject line
  • Recipient fields like "job" or "company" are at your fingertips
  • Anyone on your team can respond
  • Won leads are included in campaign exports
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