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Mailshake is helping salespeople use cold email outreach to have more conversations, qualify more leads, and close more deals than ever before.

Mailshake was
built for salespeople.

If not managed effectively, email outreach can take a lot of time out of your day. As a salesperson, you need to constantly be investing in processes and tools that can help you stay productive and focused on what matters most: closing bigger, better, and more deals. Mailshake takes the headaches out of cold email outreach, and gives you the tools, templates, and automation you need to start seeing more ROI from your efforts.

Automate Time
Consuming Processes

Spend less time on tedious email management tasks and more time closing deals.

Add Personalization
to Every Email

Send a single email, with personalization added, to an entire group of contacts at the same time.

Qualify Leads in
Less Time

Leverage Lead Catcher to easily qualify and communicate with leads from one convenient and well-organized location.

-- million messages
have been sent with Mailshake.

Why do so many salespeople
love using Mailshake?

  • Build powerful drip sequences in no time.
  • Save time by using pre-crafted sales email templates.
  • Track email performance in real-time.
  • Build automated follow-up emails into campaigns.
  • Qualify, keep track of, and communicate with leads from one place.
  • Send personalized versions of one email to an entire group at once.
  • Schedule emails to be delivered when it makes the most sense for your audience.

Master the craft of sending sales emails that convert.

Get instant access to our email outreach playbook. It’s full of actionable tips, best practices, and proven processes that will teach you how to boost engagement, influence action, and get more ROI from your cold outreach email efforts.