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Guest Post Guidelines

Thank you for your interest in contributing to the Mailshake blog!

Our goal is to be a consistent resource for salespeople, marketers, and founders looking to leverage cold email and other sales tactics to grow their businesses.

To that end, we accept guest contributions from folks in the sales and marketing spaces who have relevant experience that they’re willing to share. If that’s you, then read on to learn more about what we’re looking for.

Types of content we’re looking for

Case studies: your own experience leveraging a sales tactic, building a sales strategy, or growing a business on the back of outbound sales

How-to guides: thorough, tactical guides explaining step-by-step how to execute a specific strategy or tactic

Templates: examples and screenshots of the email copy or specific details related to a campaign you executed


Mailshake customers come from all different roles, industries, and company sizes. For that reason, we’re open to wide variety of topics. A few examples of some of the topics we’ve covered in the past:

  • Cold email outreach strategy (prospecting, subject lines, followups, etc.)
  • Sales team building and management
  • Step-by-step guides on a specific sales tactic or strategy
  • How to leverage cold email to build relationships and links
  • Stories of founders or startups using cold email and outbound sales to grow
  • Case studies on Mailshake customer successes

If you have an idea related to any of these topics, or another topic area you think is relevant, we are open to anything that helps our customers acquire more customers, clients, and relationships!

Submission/Post Guidelines

In this Google form, include:

  • Your background/who you are
  • One to three topic ideas
  • A 1 – 3 sentence explanation of each topic
  • Links to similar content that you’ve written before

Due to the volume of guest post submissions we receive, if you don’t follow these instructions, we will not respond.

If your topic is a good fit for the blog, we’ll respond letting you know to get started. Articles should be a minimum of 1,500 words, and preferably between 2,000 and 2,500.

When you’ve completed your first draft of the article, send it back in a Google doc, along with a 2 – 3 sentence byline and headshot. We’ll leave comments and feedback within the Google doc and work with you to edit the article and get it ready to publish.

We reserve the right to update your article in the future for accuracy and comprehensiveness, as well as add calls-to-action and links to other Mailshake content after it has been published.

Guest posts published on the Mailshake blog may not be published elsewhere.

We will not accept guest posts that:

  • Cover topics we’ve already written about – please search the blog to make sure we have not covered your topic before
  • Are poorly written (we reserve final editorial review standards)
  • Are overly self-promotional, link too much to your content, or are effectively an attempt to sell your product

Here’s the link again to the Google form to get the process rolling. Thanks again for your interest in contributing to the Mailshake blog and good luck!