How New Reach Marketing Scaled to $800K While Maintaining a Personal Touch with Mailshake

Luiz Cent is the Head of Sales at Mailshake, in addition to SaaS sales coaching & marketing growth, Luiz is passionate about sustainability, yoga, travel & urban jungles.
  • March 23, 2024

Leveraging personalization at scale is a great way to grow your business, as Nicholas Rubright of New Reach Marketing has demonstrated.

Through a passion for offering value and a little help from Mailshake, he has been able to scale his digital marketing business at a rapid pace while still keeping the most important ingredient: a personalized approach.

Freelancer to $800K in Revenue

Nicholas started out as a freelancer helping his clients to build high-value backlinks. He loved the way he could build personal relationships with his clients and ensure he was delivering the highest-quality service, but he needed a way to scale.

The key to Nicholas and New Reach Marketing’s success has been the processes he’s developed that have allowed the business to scale while still keeping the personal touch. This has allowed him to achieve great success for his clients, creating high-quality content and gaining organic links from hugely authoritative websites.

A key component in Nicholas’s ability to scale without losing the personal touch has been Mailshake. As Nicholas says, “we were able to easily work scalable personalization into our process… it just does everything it has to do.”

At its heart, Mailshake is all about personalization at scale and perhaps that’s why it’s been such a good fit for Nicholas and New Reach Marketing.

Scaling through Personalization

Nicholas is passionate about SEO, content, and in particular, creating great backlinks.

As we’ve highlighted in so many of our success stories, the real key to outreach (and by extension backlinking) is the value you offer the recipient. The first step toward this is personalization—you’ve got to understand people’s needs before you can address them.

Whenever Nicholas reaches out to a backlinking prospect, his first thought is always to “get to the point where you can get in their shoes.” Having started as a freelancer, Nicholas is acutely aware of the value of being able to offer personalization but at the same time, you’ve got to be able to scale.

With integrated features like automated follow-ups, A/B testing, a LinkedIn integration, and many other features, Mailshake ensures you can offer the required level of personalization while still maintaining efficiency.

Knowing Your Audience and Asking “Why?”

To personalize, you’ve got to understand your audience.

As Nicholas says, “I think the key to outreach success is just knowing your audience and asking why on a psychological level.” Nicholas works this into his outreach by making it the first process in his system.

Rather than searching for prospects, the first part of Nicholas’s process is defining and understanding his audience. Once he’s put himself in his audience’s shoes, then he crafts an email template that’s going to appeal to what that audience wants and needs.

Using Mailshake’s built-in personalization tools allows the email templates to be personalized at a later date, once the prospect list has been built.

Only when the message has been crafted does he then find his prospects. His team searches for prospects that they believe would want to receive their email template. Working this way around ensures they approach their prospects from a different viewpoint.

The question isn’t how can I achieve my goals with this email. It starts with the question, why would my target audience open and respond to this email?

Refining the Approach

Nicholas is constantly refining his team’s approach and Mailshake can be an important part of this process. Mailshake aims to make email outreach simple so you can quickly see how the changes you make affect your performance.

For example, with one campaign, Nicholas pivoted to a more personalized first line and found he got 3x the responses. It’s not always easy to see how small changes affect your campaigns though, which is why Mailshake’s A/B testing feature is so useful.

With Mailshake, your A/B testing is seamlessly integrated into your sequencing which means you can instantly see the effects of your changes.

This helped Nicholas recognize that by focusing on offering added value at the beginning and end of each email he got much better response rates. It goes to show how important A/B testing is, and with Mailshake, it couldn’t be easier.

The Answer Is Always Better Content

Link building often gets a bad reputation. If you run a website, then you know what it’s like to constantly get spammy messages in your inbox asking for backlinks.

Nicholas has been using Mailshake to change that perception, growing his business through “the value of giving.”

He believes the answer is always better content, and when you use this to offer value, it comes back to you through business opportunities. He uses guest posting outreach to get his company’s high-quality content in front of more people.

He even has a policy in his team where he doesn’t tell them what the objective is for the campaign. This allows them to focus on what they can do for the prospect rather than what they want to achieve from the relationship.

This focus on high-quality content and offering value is something we always stress in our Cold Email Masterclass and Cold Email Academy. Your email copy is just a part of the puzzle and what recipients are really going to evaluate is the value you offer.

Mailshake Gives You the Tools to Unleash Your Creativity

Nicholas speaks about SEO and link building with a huge amount of passion and creative ideas. We know there are businesses everywhere with similarly passionate people, and we know how contagious it can be.

Cold email is a great way to share this passion and use it to grow your business.

You’ve got the passion and creativity to offer others value, and Mailshake gives you the tools to unleash it. We want to help you get the most out of cold email, which is why we offer live training as well as office hours, and an endless supply of resources to help you maximize your campaigns.

By harnessing your passion and creativity and combining them with Mailshake’s tools, you can use cold email to power the growth of your business.

Luiz Cent is the Head of Sales at Mailshake, in addition to SaaS sales coaching & marketing growth, Luiz is passionate about sustainability, yoga, travel & urban jungles.

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