5 Stages of a Cold Call

Maggie is the sales evangelist at Mailshake. She has been working in sales and business development for 4 years. She's been with Mailshake since 2020.
  • February 28, 2024

Studies find that only 1% of cold calls actually lead to an appointment. So in the episode today, we are talking about the 5 stages of a cold call and the dos and don’ts for each stage. Listen to learn the tips and tricks that will bring results to your cold call game. 


[0:01] Intro

[0:56] Why connect rates are so low with cold calls

[3:17] The dos and don’ts of cold calling

[4:22] The importance of a solid opener

[7:43] Maintaining confidence and calm during a cold call

[8:08] Transitioning to the pitch

[11:32] Common mistakes made during the discovery stage

[14:00] The best closing strategies

[18:06] How to measure success


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