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How to Keep a Sales Team Motivated

Sales has never been easy. And it’s arguably getting harder. Three-fifths of salespeople say they believe selling is now harder or much harder than it was just five years ago. It’s not surprising. A couple decades ago, your average sales rep might pick up the phone knowing very little about the prospect at the other …

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Best Sales Management Software

For most businesses with a sales team, using sales management software is critical to ensuring optimal sales performance. Without it, salespeople can quickly get bogged down in data entry and other busywork that ultimately takes time away from what they do best: selling your product or service. In short, sales management software provides a means …

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How to Create a Voicemail Script

Leaving a sales voicemail almost doesn’t feel like a “real” sales activity. It’s what happens when you don’t achieve your first objective – speaking directly to your prospect. Yet it takes up a big chunk of your working day. In fact, the average salesperson spends about 15% of their time on leaving voicemails. As we …

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