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What is a VoIP Number

What is a VoIP Number? Everything You Need To Know

If you’ve been researching business phone numbers, then VoIP is an acronym you’ve probably been seeing everywhere. What exactly is a VoIP number, though, and how does it work? What is a VoIP Number? A VoIP number (Voice over Internet Protocol) is very similar to a traditional landline number, but with a key difference—it can …

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Everything You Need To Know About A Virtual Phone Number

These days, landlines have become something of an antiquity. In fact, many households no longer have a landline at all, opting for mobile lines instead. Meanwhile in business, landlines are expected to obsolete by 2025. But there’s another type of phone number that’s risen in popularity alongside mobile phones: virtual phone numbers. In this article, …

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Why You Should Be Using a Sales Dialer

Most businesses are always striving to improve their efficiency. Small improvements to performance can make a big difference, and this is where technology and software can be key. Your sales reps are making thousands of calls a day, so seconds or minutes lost on each call can add up to a huge amount of inefficiency. …

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