How Multirisco Used Mailshake to Drive $40k New Business in Their First Two Months

“Established in July 2015, Multirisco is striving to become Brazil’s largest insurance consultancy platform. Their mission? Naturally, they aim to contribute to the success and business strength of their partners and customers. Most importantly, they do this in a sustainable manner, while staying true to their principles of transparency, agility, friendliness, and social responsibility. But ...”

Cold Email Case Study: 97% More Appointments After 1 A/B Test (w/ Templates)

“This case study breaks down how we doubled the cold email results for a business broker (and longtime MailShake customer) after a single A/B test. You’re going to see how we helped Robert Allen of Acme Advisors & Brokers turn a few “negative replies” into a campaign that landed multiple appointments per day thanks to ...”

How SiteCare Builds Better Lists to Generate Leads in Any Industry

“SiteCare is a business lead generation agency based in Atlanta, Georgia that serves clients worldwide. What makes SiteCare unique is what its VP of Digital Strategy, Jason Bagley, calls creating a “YES list.” The basic premise of a “YES list” is only chasing down prospects that you’re truly thrilled to work with, that make you say, ...”

How ‘Magic of Coby’ Used Mailshake to Book 200 Virtual Events in One Season

““It’s not just the platform, it’s the community: the tutorials, the training, that put together with the platform has been a game-changer for me.” Email is nearly 40x more effective at new customer acquisition than Facebook or Twitter. And the best part is that cold email works for nearly every business and industry — even ...”

How to Use a Reactivation Campaign to Generate Quick Revenue

“One of the oldest, simplest, and most effective ways to generate revenue for any business is to use the resources you already have at your disposal. We’ve used Mailshake a few times at Lead Cookie to run this process with great success. We see about a 9-10% response rate and in the various times we’ve ...”

How Banzai Uses Mailshake to Drive 80% of Their Product Demos

“If you’re a field marketer that regularly hosts events, chances are you struggle with driving registrations from time to time – you’re likely stuck relying on old email lists and pushing your internal sales team to fill the seats. Banzai recognized a significant gap in the market and set out to solve this particular issue. ...”
How I Use Mailshake to Save a Ton of Time on Link Building Campaigns [Case Study]

[Case Study] How I Use Mailshake to Save a Ton of Time on Link Building Campaigns

“I build links for a living, and actually, I’m pretty good at it. One of the biggest problems with truly white hat outreach campaigns is the absolute massive amount of time that they take. If you want to rank your site in any moderately competitive niche these days you need to create remarkable content and ...”

How This Podcast Used Mailshake to Book 63 Guests with a 65% Response Rate

“We recently spoke with Stephen Pappas, Panviva’s CMO and Head of US Operations, about his passion for all things CX on his aptly titled podcast: The Science of CX. The weekly podcast aims to better equip the millions of businesses out there in need of a competitive advantage via CX. With the advice of Pappas ...”
Virtuance Unleashes the Power of Mailshake to Achieve an 83% Open Rate

Virtuance Unleashes the Power of Mailshake to Achieve an 83% Open Rate

“What happens when you combine a great product with an amazing email outreach campaign? In the case of Virtuance, a real estate technology company that provides photography and 3D tours for thousands of realtors nationwide, you get an amazing 83% open rate and lots of new leads. We spoke to Michael Yates, VP of Marketing ...”