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The Best 20 Call Center Software for 2020

While alternative ways of communicating with businesses are growing in popularity, phone calls remain the main way that customers get in touch. Managing these calls requires a team of skilled agents, and software that enables them to excel. Image source What is Call Center Software? Call center software is more than something that connects agents …

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15 Best Email Signature Generators for Business

As a salesperson, it’s in your nature to close as many deals as possible. But finding leads is hard…really hard. You’ve probably already got business cards, sales flyers, and a nice smooth sales pitch. But when was the last time you thought about your email signature? Probably never, right? In this post, I’ll show you …

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15 Best Employee Scheduling Software Tools (Free & Paid)

As the world continues to shift towards digital, new tools have sprung up to facilitate every aspect of business, from accounting to advertising to employee scheduling. If you’re an employer, you’ve likely found yourself wondering if there’s an easier way to schedule your employees. While using pen and paper or spreadsheets definitely works, nowadays there …

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