How To Beat the Goliath in Your Space

Maggie is the sales evangelist at Mailshake. She has been working in sales and business development for 4 years. She's been with Mailshake since 2020.
  • March 3, 2024

In this podcast we take a look at how to beat the Goliath as a sales rep in your space. Don’t try to hide the fact that there are bigger competitors out there and use G2 crowd to your advantage. Jed outlines the advice he would give a rep moving from an industry leader to a smaller player in the market. Let’s go! 


(00:00) Intro

(02:08) Differentiating yourself from the Goliaths

(05:40) How can you use G2 to your advantage

(8:59) Roleplay: Calling out the elephant in the room

(10:55) Assuming your prospect is using a competitor

(14:07) Being afraid to bring up a competitor

(15:36) Reps moving from a Goliath to an underdog


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