Cold Email Success Stories

Discover why entrepreneurs, marketers, and salespeople are using Mailshake to send better emails.

How GrowthScore Used Mailshake to Get 500 Leads in Just 72 Hours

GrowthScore wanted to generate leads for their business by creating an actionable ebook that leveraged real advice and tips from marketers and leaders at top-performing SaaS companies. They used Mailshake to send customized emails and follow-ups to over 100 people, successfully engage with more than 40 influencers from their list, and build a value-packed ebook that generated 500 leads within 72 hours of publishing.

How Venngage Uses Mailshake to Drive More Qualified Traffic to Their Blog Posts

After learning that email marketing yields an average ROI of 4,300%, Venngage wanted a better way to automate their cold email outreach process. By adding Mailshake to their tech stack, they are able to send more outreach emails in less time—all while keeping the authenticity of every email they sent intact. Mailshake also helps them stay better organized, and make faster decisions about who to follow up with after initial emails were sent.

How Salesflare Uses Mailshake to Close More Outbound Sales Deals

Salesflare wanted to help their sales reps spend less time building processes and updating data, and more time selling. Their team uses Mailshake to build and send better email sequences that can be evaluated in real-time based on performance. They also use Mailshake to automatically qualify and segment leads based on custom parameters, and with the help of Zapier, can send relevant data about leads over to their existing CRM in a matter of seconds.

How Sol Orwell got a 74% response rate on Cold email

Sol Orwell approaches cold email outreach differently than most marketers and business owners. Rather than reaching out to people who he thinks could provide value to him, he instead picks people based on the value he thinks he could provide to them. In one recent campaign, he meticulously selected 70 people he wanted to reach out to, used Mailshake to send personalized emails, and received an impressive 52 responses!

Agency Growth Academy

How to Use Surveys to Drive Webinar Attendees

Most Mailshake customers use the tool for promoting content, building connections, and, of course, generating business leads. But we recently learned of a user who utilizes the tool for something a little more unusual: driving webinar attendees via pre-surveys.

How Malartu’s Move to Marketing Automation Paid Dividends

Take a second to imagine the inbox of your average venture capitalist. Terrifying, right? You’d see pitch after pitch from startup entrepreneurs seeking funding, desperate to get noticed. On top of that, you’d have a huge number of emails from vendors cold-pitching products, hoping to pique their interest. Now, imagine you’re one of those vendors, trying to stand out in a sea of new messages.

How Kevin Miller Generates Hundreds of Customer Reviews

Kevin Miller knows a thing or two about digital marketing. He was previously the Director of Growth at Spire, and spent over two years at Google, working with SMBs and high-potential clients to grow their business and maximize their reach online. While there, he was consistently in the top 5% of North American performers. In his current role as Director of Growth at Open Listings, he’s focused on content marketing and link-building for the company.

Michael Brennan

How I Save a Ton of Time on Link Building Campaigns

I build links for a living, and actually, I’m pretty good at it. One of the biggest problems with truly white hat outreach campaigns is the absolute massive amount of time that they take. If you want to rank your site in any moderately competitive niche these days you need to create remarkable content and build links from real sites that actually send traffic to your site.