How Mailshake Helped Leadable Achieve An Open Rate Of 92%

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  • March 7, 2024

The world of cold outreach is, well, cold. Many small and medium businesses struggle to tame the wild animal that cold outreach is, which is why they partner up with companies like Leadable.

Leadable is a Dublin-based outbound marketing outsourcing agency that helps SMEs get enterprise clients. It was founded by Barry Moroney in 2019, and as you can imagine, cold emailing is a major part of their job.

And guess which tool they use for their outbound campaigns? You guessed it — it’s Mailshake!

This is why we decided to interview Barry to understand how he managed to achieve a 92% open rate for one of his campaigns using Mailshake. Read ahead to learn:

  • What Leadable uses Mailshake for.
  • How successful Leadable has been through using Mailshake.
  • How Mailshake has helped Leadable achieve excellent outbound results.

What Does Leadable Use Mailshake For?

Interestingly, Leadable doesn’t use Mailshake only for outbound efforts on behalf of their clients. It also uses Mailshake for all of their own outbound marketing efforts aimed at getting new clients!

This means Mailshake serves as the foundation of Leadable’s business. It helps them get new clients. And once they start working with one, Mailshake helps them retain it by allowing them to execute excellent outbound campaigns on their behalf.

Here, it’s important to point out that email isn’t the only channel Leadable uses. Instead, it employs a multi-channel outbound approach that also includes LinkedIn, direct mail, calling, and video marketing.

Nonetheless, email allows Leadable to warm up their prospects to all of these other channels, and Mailshake has proved vital in this regard.

How Successful Has Leadable Been Through Using Mailshake?

As Barry puts it, Leadable has been immensely successful “across the board” as a result of using Mailshake.

On average, Mailshake has helped Leadable consistently achieve:

  • Open rates between 60% and 80%
  • CTR of 20%
  • Reply rates around 15%, although these tend to be a bit more variable and depend a lot on non-email factors such as your offer and where you’re getting your contacts from

Now, these metrics might not seem very impressive to you, but they are actually pretty good when you compare them to averages.

For example, the average open rate for cold emails is around 44%. And only 8% of cold email campaigns manage to hit an open rate of 80% or more.

Similarly, the average cold email CTR is 3.67%, and around half of all cold email campaigns have a reply rate of under 10%.

This means that by using Mailshake, Leadable has been able to consistently stay way above average when it comes to cold outreach.

But if that doesn’t impress you — Barry revealed that he managed to achieve an open rate of 92% for one of his campaigns! This campaign also had an impressive CTR of 58% and a reply rate of 36%.

Now, Barry admits that this particular campaign was an outlier but that’s not the point. The point is that this campaign is proof of what Mailshake can help you achieve if you use it right. And even if you don’t achieve those metrics, you’re bound to stay way above the average.

As Barry puts it, “I don’t know if those kinds of numbers would have been possible with another platform.” Coming from the CEO of a company that runs cold outreach campaigns day and night, this is a huge compliment.

How Mailshake Helps Leadable Achieve These Results

Of course, these results were nothing short of extraordinary and we asked Barry what exactly about Mailshake helped him achieve them. The answer was a bit surprising.

Barry revealed that he thinks the most important factor behind the success of a cold email campaign is deliverability. After all, you can write the best emails in the world but they won’t be opened (or replied to) if they land in the spam folder.

But here’s the surprising part. According to Barry, he and his company tried around 25 leading email marketing platforms before they decided to make Mailshake their default.

They’ve used the same copy and contact data from the same sources to ensure that their testing remains valid. And every time, Mailshake has come out on the top when it comes to deliverability, defeating even the “two big players in the industry”.

Interestingly, Leadable still tests new email marketing platforms every 6 months or so. But they come back to Mailshake every time because of its high deliverability.

Then, Mailshake’s UI and simplicity of use is another feature that Leadable likes. Barry believes an easy-to-use tool allows teams to follow guidelines consistently and helps companies maintain high quality of service. And the feedback about Mailshake’s ease-of-use has been consistently positive within his company.

Finally, Barry revealed that Mailshake’s Sending Calendar feature is the secret weapon in Leadable’s arsenal. He hasn’t found this feature in the top 25 leading email marketing platforms he has tested — and he loves it so much that he’s been sending us feedback not to remove it “at any cost”!

Sending Calendar brings together all your data in one place and helps you see which emails are going out for which campaigns.

This has helped Leadable control email sending and keep their deliverability high. It has also helped Barry’s company prioritize the right emails. For example, Leadable often writes personalizations for an ongoing campaign and doesn’t want them to be held up by generic emails targeting people at the top of the funnel.

Without this feature, Barry found his company often ended up oversending emails and took a hit to its deliverability rates.

Here, it’s important to mention that in addition to leveraging Mailshake’s high intrinsic deliverability, Leadable uses a 2-stage process to verify their data and improve their deliverability even further.

In the first step, the company builds lists using online tools like Lusha, Apollo, and Contactout and verifies them.

This is where most people stop, but Leadable goes ahead to do manual verification of all their contacts by running dummy campaigns for them.

This is probably not practical for everyone, but it’s a good strategy if you’re trying to improve your cold outreach results.

Final Words

So as you can see, the key to good cold outreach is a high deliverability rate. And this is something Mailshake has excelled at.

As the CEO of Leadable — Barry Moroney — mentions, Mailshake has had the highest deliverability rate out of all the tools his company has tested.

He still tests new tools every 6 months but keeps returning to Mailshake again and again. And we hope this cycle will never end!

If you think you can use high deliverability to improve your cold outreach campaigns, you can book a demo with us and see how Mailshake can help you achieve it.


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