How Mailshake Helped Scroll Achieve a 63% Open Rate and 12% Response Rate

Luiz Cent is the Head of Sales at Mailshake, in addition to SaaS sales coaching & marketing growth, Luiz is passionate about sustainability, yoga, travel & urban jungles.
  • March 5, 2024

As a marketing agency specializing in helping other agencies scale through white-label services, who’s going to help Scroll to scale? After searching around for the perfect cold outreach platform, Scroll found Mailshake offered the perfect tools and resources to bring in consistent leads and drive new business.

Having come across Mailshake thanks to a tip from another leading industry expert, CMO, Mason has been able to scale up outreach with impressive results. Now he’s looking to continue to grow the business with the power of Mailshake’s tools.

Easy to Find, Not so Easy to Reach

One thing marketing agencies do well is market themselves (that’s their job). Finding contacts in the marketing industry isn’t the problem, for Scroll, the more important questions were…

How do you:

  • Reach out to contacts at scale?
  • Ensure you’re reaching the right decision-makers?
  • Get positive responses?

To make cold outreach work, you need the right tools and to help Scroll reach potential clients Mason turned to Mailshake. “It’s just so easy to use and visually it makes a lot of sense. I love that it shows me the sending calendar… I like that it cleans the list for me… making sure they’re good leads.”

Cold outreach is more than just putting together a huge list of contacts, it’s about optimizing everything you do, and to do this, you need a clear visual representation of your campaigns.

By integrating tools such as list cleaning, a/b testing, and social all in one place, Mailshake gives you control over how you run your campaigns. It’s not just “hit and hope,” it’s targeted, optimized marketing.

Keeping Things Simple

We all want similar things when we receive an email: we want people to respect our time, treat us as an individual, and offer value in some form. When it’s clear an email doesn’t respect these principles, then we won’t hesitate to send it to spam.

It’s easy to get away from these principles with cold emails. It takes time to create a high-performing email campaign, and some businesses aren’t willing to sacrifice in order to achieve the results.

Mailshake aims to make it as simple as possible to follow these outreach principles, and Scroll has had great success by sticking to them. Here’s how they structured their campaign:

  • Found contacts on LinkedIn
  • Cleaned the email list to ensure they were reaching solid leads.
  • Researched contacts and created a personalized first line for each recipient.
  • Kept emails simple and to the point using templates
  • One follow-up that was still short and sweet, respecting people’s time.

Mason found that Mailshake fit perfectly with this idea of keeping things simple and optimizing the approach, “the user experience is great, I feel like it gives me the metrics I need and leaves out the metrics I don’t need… it just makes sense.”

Cold email can be simple, you just need a platform that’s designed to make optimization easy.

When Cold Isn’t Cold

“The way it was written, it seemed like we had done one-to-one emails, and I think that’s what made the big difference.”

Your emails might be cold emails but there’s so much information out there you can use to add the warmth of a personal touch.

We always find that the most successful campaigns leverage personalization and Scroll did this to great effect. Using social media and other tools, they made sure each email had a personal first line. This may be a comment on a LinkedIn post, a website blog, something unique about the company.

This makes a huge difference. It might be just a small comment, but it shows people you value them enough to take the time to do a little bit of research. When you compliment them on a blog post or a charity initiative, or whatever else, it’s more likely they’re going to be inclined to reply.

It’s still cold outreach, but this personal touch means it comes across in a completely different way.

“I’m Really Happy with It” – Simple Yet Effective

When you find the right leads, personalize your emails, and respect people’s time, it often brings good results.

Scroll certainly found this, achieving a 63% open rate and 12% response rate across its campaign. Now it’s looking to scale outreach and continue to use Mailshake’s features to optimize its approach.

With a clear understanding of what each email is trying to achieve, a focus on simple, personalized emails, and Mailshake’s list cleaning and A/B testing tools, they’ve been able to land new clients and achieve a strong ROI on their outreach.

Moving forward, Mailshake offers all the tools to take Scroll’s outreach to a new scale, and with templates, and lots of different resources, we’re committed to making successful campaigns even more successful.

Mailshake Provides the Interface to Unlock Your Potential

Email campaigns succeed because of your creativity and understanding of your audience.

You need the tools that allow you to unlock this potential though, and that’s what Mailshake is here for. It’s why we don’t just offer software, but the full support of our team of experts through newsletters, email masterclasses, email academy, office hours, and more.

You should optimize each email to achieve a goal. And with the help of Mailshake, that’s exactly what Scroll has been able to do.

It’s exciting to see great businesses like Scroll achieve success through cold outreach. And there are lots of businesses out there who can have similar success in the future.


Luiz Cent is the Head of Sales at Mailshake, in addition to SaaS sales coaching & marketing growth, Luiz is passionate about sustainability, yoga, travel & urban jungles.

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