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Ways to Build a Winning Sales Culture

8 Ways to Build a Winning Sales Culture in Any Company

Every sales function wants to smash its revenue targets. Yet according to Salesforce, just 24% of sales teams are “high performers” that have significantly increased revenue year-on-year. Of the rest, 69% are “moderate performers” – those that have maintained or somewhat increased revenue – and 7% are underperforming. Want to move from those bottom two …

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Best Sales Productivity Tools

The 20 Best Sales Productivity Tools for 2021

Sales reps only spend about 34% of their time actually selling. More than half of their time goes to performing tasks that can easily be automated with sales productivity tools, like writing emails, data entry, scheduling, and prospecting. Here are the 20 best sales productivity tools for 2021—let your sales team focus on what they …

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Sales Coaching Tips

Sales Coaching Tips to Level Up Your Sales Team

Managing and leading salespeople to perform well is a big challenge. But what if almost all of your sales reps hit their numbers consistently? Research from CSO Insights shows that 94% of reps meet their quotas with great sales coaching. In this article, we will discuss what sales coaching is and how to apply it …

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