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Entries Written Sujan Patel

6 Characteristics of the Most Effective Sales Leaders

Sales is a cutthroat industry that can be incredibly difficult to succeed in. One key element of any sales team is an effective sales leader – they can mean the difference between teams struggling to hit their quotas and consistently exceeding them. A strong leader can identify strengths and weaknesses in their team, motivate team …

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How to Create a Sales Territory Management Plan

Thomas Edison once said, “Good fortune is what happens when opportunity meets with planning.” This quote sums up why creating a sales territory management plan is so important. You’re in business to take advantage of the opportunities in your industry – yet you won’t have a shot at reaching them if you don’t have a …

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How to Use BANT to Qualify Sales Prospects in 2021

One in five salespeople say the hardest part of their job is qualifying prospects. That’s kind of worrying, because it’s also one of the most vital elements of the sales process. Get your qualification wrong, and you’ll waste a ton of time speaking to prospects who were never a good fit for your product in …

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