Accelerate: Cold calling the right way?

Sujan Patel is the founder of Mailshake, a sales engagement software used by 38,000 sales and marketing professionals. He has over 15 years of marketing experience and has led the digital marketing strategy for companies like Salesforce, Mint, Intuit and many other Fortune 500 caliber companies.
  • March 12, 2024

They say cold calling is dead.

But data shows otherwise.

More than half of all high-ticket clients want you to contact them via phone.

This means if you’re not paying attention to your cold-calling skills, you’re missing out on a lot of moolah.

The last article in this week’s edition is there to prevent just that. It packs 25 effective cold-calling tips to use before, during, and after your calls.

Along the way, you’ll also learn:

  • How to sell to social media
  • How to lead a sales performance review
  • How to align your marketing and sales teams
  • How to run a sales strategy meeting
  • What Leng Vangthe has to say about SDR coaching

💡 9 Key Social Selling Tips That You Can Start Using Today

Struggling to grow your sales on social media? This value-packed post shares nine simple yet highly effective social selling tips that you can start using today. They include:

  • Optimizing your social media profile
  • Using social media insights to engage with potential leads
  • Expanding your presence across various platforms
  • Building influence by sharing valuable content
  • Showing genuine interest by engaging with prospects’ posts
  • Staying authentic and sincere in your interactions
  • Building credibility via LinkedIn endorsements
  • Using data to improve your social selling plan
  • Maintaining consistency

You’ll get detailed insights into how to implement these tips for successful results. You’ll also learn what industry experts like Dan Tyre and Melonie Dodaro suggest to take your social selling skills to the next level.


✅ Mastering Sales Development

Mastering Sales Development is a weekly conversation with the world’s best Sales Development, Marketing, Operations and Sales leaders. Each and every Friday it gives a refreshing view of what it takes to work as one Go to Market team to ensure success.


🔍 7 Sales Performance Review Examples & Tips

This guide is for sales leaders who want to develop and nurture their teams into high-functioning sales machines. It walks you through:

  • The definition of a sales performance review
  • The importance of a sales performance review
  • How to lead a sales performance review

You will also receive seven real-world sales performance review examples to understand how to do them right. Assess these examples and turn a sales performance review into an opportunity for powerful conversations that take your team to the next level.

🎯 6 Tips to Connect Marketing Activity to Your Sales Pipeline

A healthy sales pipeline is an important metric for any marketing strategy. Directing your marketing activity to achieve it is what makes your efforts worthwhile.

If your marketing team feels disconnected from your sales pipeline, here’s what you can do to bridge the gap:

  • Clarify the role of marketing in acquiring customers
  • Figure out and predict what results each marketing action will bring
  • Always check if spending money on something will give good results
  • Understand that people who influence purchases might not be obvious
  • Have salespeople give feedback and ideas to the marketing team
  • Spend resources on figuring out which marketing efforts are working

Read the article to learn exactly how to implement these useful tips and what difference they will make in the overall sales performance of your team.


💼 How to Run a Sales Strategy Meeting?

Are you appointed to lead the next sales strategy meeting? Do you want to conduct it effectively and professionally? Well, then this guide is a must-read.

From understanding the purpose of the meeting to providing detailed instructions, learn everything to run a sales strategy meeting the right way.

Here’s a quick overview of the steps discussed:

  • Understand the product/service you are marketing
  • Identify who is your target audience
  • Analyze your competitors to improve your position
  • Set clear, well-defined objectives for your team
  • Develop key messages to persuade prospects
  • Choose the most impactful sales channels
  • Create a strategic sales framework
  • Train your team and implement the strategy
  • Evaluate the performance using key metrics
  • Analyze weak points and improve accordingly

You will also get ten free strategic questions to ask as the leader of the meeting and ensure the objectives are met successfully.


📌 Coaching Your SDRs the Right Way

With 23 years of experience in the field, Leng knows the ins and outs of coaching your SDRs the right way. He has a record of transforming sales reps into high-performing teams that deliver outstanding sales results every time.

In this interview, he shares some golden nuggets on how to handle SDR coaching, connect with your reps, and prepare them to implement your feedback effectively. He also discusses time allocation and individual versus group coaching techniques.


✅ How to Cold Call: 5-Step B2B Cold Calling Technique

Did you know that 57% of high-ticket clients prefer to be contacted by phone? Yes, cold calling is still one of the most effective sales strategies in 2024 if done right.

Let’s look at a surprisingly simple B2B cold calling technique that will help you ramp up faster or just get to the meat of the sales conversation faster.

How does it do that?

By focusing on the bare elements of a good prospecting conversation — so you can stay focused and the prospect doesn’t get irritated or impatient.


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