Q & A Episode

Maggie is the sales evangelist at Mailshake. She has been working in sales and business development for 4 years. She's been with Mailshake since 2020.
  • March 21, 2024

Jed and Maggie answer questions that have been sent in by listeners. This episode is packed with tips on tightening your outbound sales strategy, improving cadence, and increasing prospect engagement. Listen to hear the answers to questions that have likely crossed your mind about sales and prospecting. 


[0:01] Intro

[1:13] Optimal touchpoints for an outbound sales strategy

[2:55] When to be persistent and when to give prospects a break

[5:08] Customizing your cadence to the prospect’s industry

[6:53] Telling prospects that you see their engagement

[9:25] Quality over quantity when reaching out to prospects



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