3 Tips to Find Warm Leads

Maggie is the sales evangelist at Mailshake. She has been working in sales and business development for 4 years. She's been with Mailshake since 2020.
  • March 28, 2024

Today we are talking all about warm leads. It’s important to know when to go for warm leads over cold leads and how to find the warmest leads. So listen to learn how to find the low-hanging fruit to boost your confidence and momentum in your outbound sales strategy. The three tips from this episode will have you closing some sales today. 


[0:01] Intro

[0:34] When to go after warm leads vs sourcing cold leads

[2:33] Three tips for sourcing warm leads

[2:49] Using the LinkedIn keyword search to find leads

[5:10] Creating personalized emails

[7:21] Identifying low-hanging fruit in your CRM

[14:51] Structuring your days for optimal outreach success


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