3 Tips to Boost Reply Rates in 2023

  • April 12, 2023

Reply rates measure the ultimate success of a sales email. We send emails in order to get replies, so it’s crucial that we are measuring those numbers and constantly working to improve the number of replies each email gets. In this value-packed episode, we are breaking down three strategies that will boost your reply rates.


[0:01] Intro

[0:34] Measuring reply rate metrics

[2:02] Alternative CTAs

[5:00] Using the offer-based CTA to boost replies

[8:05] Giving away free things to get conversations started

[8:55] Third party bumps

[12:13] Why sharing resources from competitors might be good

[13:45] Using p.s. to boost reply rates

[17:00] Identifying when a strategy has gone stale


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