Cadence Strategy

Maggie is the sales evangelist at Mailshake. She has been working in sales and business development for 4 years. She's been with Mailshake since 2020.
  • January 31, 2024

On the show today, we are talking about cadence strategy for outreach emails. Thinking about this big picture is so critical to getting the most responses possible. Listen to learn about how to structure your overall cadence strategy, so you can grab and keep the attention of your prospects.


[0:01] Intro

[1:03] Why it’s important to look at cadence in a marketing sequence

[3:37] Structuring an effective email sequence

[6:20] Modifying language for different buyer personas

[9:00] Leveraging multiple contact points to increase open rates

[11:44] Organizing emails into clusters

[14:01] Measuring results and adjusting the strategy

[15:18] The process for A and B testing


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