Top 12 Email Warm Up Tools for 2024

Sujan Patel is the founder of Mailshake, a sales engagement software used by 38,000 sales and marketing professionals. He has over 15 years of marketing experience and has led the digital marketing strategy for companies like Salesforce, Mint, Intuit and many other Fortune 500 caliber companies.
  • March 3, 2024

More than 50% of emails sent globally are never seen by their intended recipients. Why? Because they never make it to the recipient’s primary inbox. Instead, they land somewhere in the spam folder where they stay collecting dust for decades to come.

If you don’t want this happening to your emails, you must warm up your domain before doing any cold outreach campaigns.

Let’s see why you need email warm up tools, what to look for when choosing one, and what are the best options waiting for you.

Let’s go!

Why Do You Need Email Warm Up Tools?

Email warm up tools, also known as email warming services, ensure that your emails don’t get blocked by spam filters. These tools work to establish a positive sender reputation with email platforms and build trust.

To do this, these tools send out a few emails daily to other domains in their network, who will then automatically reply. This helps email service providers (ESPs) to recognize your emails as legitimate and trust you as a sender.

Once you have achieved a good sender reputation and been whitelisted, your emails will be more likely to land in the primary inbox of your prospects and customers.

Other than this, email warm up tools also provide you with detailed reporting on all your warm up campaigns. This helps you to track the performance of your emails and make improvements as needed.

What to Look For in an Email Warm Up Tool?

Here are some features that a good email warm up tool must have:

1. Appropriate speed: You want a tool that warms up your domain quickly. At the same time, excessive speed can raise suspicion, so you want a tool that works at an appropriate speed.

2. Large network size: Larger networks make establishing a good sender reputation easier.

3. Excellent automation: Automated warming up will help streamline the process and save you time.

4. Detailed reporting: Look for a tool that provides detailed reports on your sender reputation and how the warming up process is going.

5. Good value for money: Many high-quality email warm up tools are affordable and come with free trials, so make sure not to overspend on one.

Top 12 Email Warm Up Tools for 2024

1. Warm Up Your Email

Warm Up Your Email is a powerful email warm up tool. It uses its team members to send emails on your behalf, reply to them, mark them as important, and remove them from spam folders.

As part of the tool, you also gain access to detailed reports that track the progress of your sender reputation.

Pricing Plans

  • Free for Mailshake users
  • Sole Sender: $29/month
  • Pro Sender: $49/month
  • Agency Sender: $99/month

Top Features:

  1. Employs real people to send, reply, and engage with your emails.
  2. Provides detailed reports on how many emails were sent, opened, and replied to.
  3. Integrates via SMTP with all major email providers, such as Gmail, Outlook, Zoho Mail, Amazon SES, and SendGrid.
  4. Comes with free tools that help you check your DMARC, SMTP, and SPF configuration, which is important in ensuring your outgoing emails aren’t marked as spam.

2. QuickMail Auto Warmer

QuickMail Auto Warmer is another email warm up tool that helps you develop a positive reputation with ESPs. The tool sends out emails in small batches and gradually increases the volume over time.

Pricing Plans: 

  • 14-day free trial: Available
  • AutoWarmer Plan: Free
  • Starter Plan: $59/month
  • Pro Plan: $79/month

G2 Rating: 4.6/5 stars based on 70 reviews.

Capterra Rating: 4.8/5 stars based on 25 reviews.

Top Features:

  1. Equipped with an AI-powered algorithm that increases the speed of email warm up.
  2. Offers a free email warm up plan.
  3. Automatically archives replies from its network so your inbox stays clean.

3. Lemwarm by Lemlist

Lemwarm by Lemlist is an excellent personalized email warm up tool.

It helps you keep all your cold emails and newsletters out of the spam box by tailoring the warm up process according to your specific target audience and email goals.

Pricing Plans: 

  • Essential: $29/month
  • Smart: $49/month

G2 Rating: 4.2/5 stars based on 113 reviews.

Capterra Rating: 4.6/5 stars based on 349 reviews.

Top Features:

  1. Lemwarm’s Smart Cluster automatically assigns your domain to a specific cluster of Lemwarm emails according to your target audience and industry.
  2. Sends highly personalized emails to avoid them from being marked as spam.
  3. Gives you detailed insights into the performance of your campaigns.

4. Saleshandy

Saleshandy is an all-in-one outreach tool that helps you improve your sender reputation by warming up your emails, tracking email opens and clicks, and automating follow-ups.

It also supports advanced cold emailing features like A/B testing, LinkedIn prospecting, and writing assistance.

Pricing Plans: 

  • 14-day free trial: Available
  • Outreach Basic: $27/month
  • Outreach Pro: $79/month
  • Outreach Scale: $150/month

G2 Rating: 4.6/5 stars based on 442 reviews.

Capterra Rating: 4.5/5 stars based on 119 reviews.

Top Features:

  1. Automatically sets up the warm-up process for all accounts in no time.
  2. Predicts deliverability percentage for your domain based on your email health score.
  3. Lets you drive the pace of your warm-up process.

5. Warmy

Last on the list is Warmy, a one stop solution for email warm up.

It’s super simple to set up, and yet highly effective in getting your emails to the right folder.

With Warmy, you can even pick a topic for the warm up conversation. So for example, if you are in a gaming business, the warm up emails can be about gaming.

Pricing Plans: 

  • 7-day free trial: Available
  • Starter: $49/month/mailbox
  • Business: $129/month/mailbox
  • Premium: $189/month/mailbox
  • Expert: $279/month/mailbox

G2 Rating: 4.9/5 stars based on 10 reviews

Capterra Rating: 4.9/5 based on 7 reviews.

Top Features:

  1. Offers 30 different languages for the warm up process.
  2. Automatically detects and uses the best warm up strategy for your domain.
  3. Easily integrates with other tools such as Asana, Salesforce, and Shopify.

6. Warmbox

Just like Warm Up Your Email by Mailshake, this tool is also made exclusively for warming up your email domains.

Equipped with the latest AI-powered technology, Warmbox offers four different warm-up recipes for you to choose from.

Pricing Plans: 

  • Solo: $19/month 
  • Start-up: $79/month
  • Growth: $159/month

Product Hunt Rating: 4.2/5 stars based on 43 reviews and 813 upvotes.

Top Features:

  1. Plug and play setup.
  2. Private inbox network is made of 35,000 plus inboxes.
  3. Four warm-up recipes: Growth, Flat, Randomize, and Customized.
  4. A wide range of inbox integrations, such as Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook, and iCloud inbox.

7. WarmUp Inbox

WarmUp Inbox is another popular email warm up tool.

Like other tools, it works by spooling out warm up emails at a predefined rate and uses its smart algorithms to avoid being marked as spam.

However, a downside is that it can be quite expensive if you wish to use it for multiple inboxes, compared to other tools on this list.

Pricing Plans: 

  • 7-day free trial: Available
  • Basic Warmup: $12/inbox/month
  • Pro Warmup: $39/inbox/month
  • Max Warmup: $199/inbox/month

G2 Rating: 4.7/5 stars based on 22 reviews.

Capterra Rating: 4.8/5 stars based on 6 reviews.

Top Features:

  1. Gives you a detailed overview of your domain’s email warm up score.
  2. Automatically determines the ideal sending rate for your warm up process.
  3. Produces AI-generated human-like content.

8. Mailreach

Mailreach is another email deliverability solution that helps you warm up your email accounts and make sure that your emails aren’t marked as spam.

It comes with a built-in AI-powered email health score calculator, a custom warm up plan generator, and a top-notch spam checker.

Pricing Plans: 

  • Starter: $25/email account/month
  • Scale: $19.5/email account/month

Capterra Rating: 5/5 stars based on 16 reviews.

Top Features:

  1. Works with all the major email providers like Gmail and Outlook.
  2. Super easy to use and set up.
  3. Uses a large network of more than 15,000 real human inboxes.

9. Folderly

Folderly is a smart warm up tool that comes with email analytics, advanced auto-reply detection, and more.

The great thing about this tool is that it uses GPT-3 powered technology to generate incredibly authentic-looking warm up emails that are sure to get past spam filters.

But a not so great thing about this tool is its pricing. It starts at $49/month, which makes it one of the priciest tools on this list.

Pricing Plans: 

  • Basic Warmup: $49/month
  • Email Deliverability Test: $129/month
  • Cold Email Outreach Package: $200/month

G2 Rating: 5/5 stars based on 62 reviews.

Capterra Rating: 4.9/5 stars based on 31 reviews.

Top Features:

  1. You can connect as many mailboxes and ESPs as you want for one price.
  2. Uses GPT-3 powered technology to create human-like authentic warmup emails.
  3. Email template analysis previews your emails (plain text as well as HTML emails) and warns you for any potential spam triggers.

10. Allegrow

Allegrow is a comprehensive inbox placement tool that helps you warm up your email accounts.

It allows you to monitor the health of your mailboxes in real-time and provides insights into your reputation as a sender.

Pricing Plans: 

  • 7-day money back guarantee: Available
  • Tester: $36/user/month
  • Premium: $72/user/month
  • Scale Plus: You’ll have to contact Allegrow for a quote

G2 Rating: 4.9/5 stars based on 22 reviews.

Top Features:

  1. Allows you to track your spam score and changes in reputation in real-time.
  2. Integrates with Google, Office 365, and Exchange email accounts.

11. Klenty

Klenty is a sales engagement platform that allows sales reps to do outreach campaigns across multiple channels, send automated follow ups, and track outreach effectiveness.

Klenty also offers a complete email deliverability suite equipped with an email warm up service, email validation, sender score calculator, spam filter checker, and template analysis.

Pricing Plans: 

  • 14-day free trial: Available
  • Email warmup: $25/license/month

G2 Rating: 4.6/5 stars based on 236 reviews.

Capterra Rating: 4.6/5 stars based on 37 reviews.

Top Features:

  1. Uses accounts hosted on different email service providers for better results.
  2. Sends emails at random intervals to avoid coming across as bot activity.
  3. You can track your reach with specific providers with Inbox Insights.

12. Reply

Reply is an AI-powered, all-in-one sales engagement platform that helps its users automate and expand their cold outreach.

One of Reply’s strengths is its email deliverability suite, which allows you to warm up your accounts in an easy and safe way. Like most other tools, Reply also allows you to track the progress of your warmup process through its granular reporting.

Pricing Plans: 

  • $29/email account/month

G2 Rating: 4.6/5 stars based on 989 reviews.

Capterra Rating: 4.6/5 stars based on 96 reviews.

Top Features:

  1. Uses a network of real inboxes to warm up your domain.
  2. Automatically checks validity of your SPF, DKIM, DMARC, and other DNS records to boost your email account’s deliverability.
  3. Offers multiple warm up profiles to meet your changing needs.


What Is an Email Warm Up Tool?

An email warm up tool is a software designed to help you increase the deliverability of your emails by automating the email warmup process.

It works by sending out emails at a predetermined rate and monitoring your domain’s reputation to make sure it remains in good standing. This allows you to gradually introduce your domain to mailbox providers and build trust with them, which in turn increases the chances of your actual marketing emails landing in the primary inbox.

Does Email Warm Up Work?

Yes, email warm up works. It is a proven and tested technique that can help you increase the deliverability of your emails.

Why Do I Need to Warm Up My New Email Account?

Warming up your new email account is important as it allows mailbox providers to get familiar with your domain and trust it.

This increases the chances of your emails landing in the primary inbox, instead of being marked as spam or going into the junk folder. In turn, this can help you maximize open rates and engagement, and get better results from your campaigns.

Can I Send Cold Emails Without Warming up My Email Account?

Yes, you can send cold emails without warming up your email account but you shouldn’t.

Mailbox providers are very strict about the volume of emails you can send out from new domains. And if you don’t warm up your account, your emails will likely end up in the spam folder or get blocked altogether.

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